• Attendance Matters


    Eileen Christopher

    1. ILLNESS
    • Parents/guardians need to call in EACH DAY that your student is absent. 
    • The Attendance number is 503-534-2453.  If the line is busy, it will go directly to Voice Mail.
    • Please access your Student Synergy Account to find homework or contact teachers directly.


    1. CHECK-OUT
    • When it is necessary for your student to leave school during the day, your student must bring a written request to the office BEFORE SCHOOL in order to obtain an Early Dismissal Slip. 
    • A parent or other authorized person needs to come into the office to sign your student out.
    • Students leaving school due to illness must also be signed out by a parent. 
    • Students leaving school during school hours without following procedures will be considered truant.
    • All arrangements for leaving school for special events must be made prior to the school day. 
    • If you have made arrangements for another parent to pick up your student, you must indicate their name(s) and your authorization on your note. 


    1. CHECK-IN
    • Whenever a student arrives at school late, or returns from an appointment, he/she must check in at the office.
    • He/she will be given an Admit Slip to take to his/her teacher. 
    • A phone call or note from a parent is needed to mark an absence or tardy as excused, otherwise it will be entered as unexcused.