College Board Account Access and Score Reporting

  • Students need to be able to log into their College Board account.

    Students must know their College Board username and password and have a safe place to keep this information, so they can retrieve it closer to exam day. It’s important that your personal information is accurate in your College Board account. You must use your legal name, correct date of birth, etc. Inaccurate information could jeopardize your ability to test or access your scores.

    If any students need to correct information in their account, they should contact AP Services for Students 888-225-5427, as soon as possible. College Board will send students important email reminders before exam day to the email address associated with their College Board account.

    Check your email frequently, particularly in the weeks before their exam. If students aren’t receiving email updates from the AP Program, they should:

    1. Sign in to My AP (

    2. Confirm their email address: Click their profile in the top right corner. Go to Account Settings and confirm that their email address is the one they want to use for 2023 AP Exam reminders. If they need to change their email address, they should click Update.

    3. In Subscriptions, they should confirm they’ve checked the box to receive updates from College Board.

    4. Finally, they should create a new contact with the email address in their address book or safe sender list.

    Score Reporting to Colleges

    SENIORS: To add your free score report recipient, you will need to sign in to MyAP ( and go to My AP profile. Click the Score Send tab. Students will indicate the college, university, or scholarship program they want to receive their free score. For 2023, this may be reported only through My AP. 

    To see what colleges grant AP credit, use this link (verify directly with each college).