Fall 2022: Community Engagement Summary

  • This fall, BRIC Architecture conducted student and community surveys, facilitated participatory design workshops in Lake Oswego Junior High classes, and held a community open house at the school.

    During this time, we collected feedback from over 500 students and community members.

    By the numbers:

    • 497 student survey responses
    • 3 in-class participatory design workshops
    • 11 community survey responses
    • 25 open house attendees

    Here are the overall themes from student and community input:

    Themes on the ENTRY:

    • The entry should have welcoming imagery and words
    • You should feel connected to nature when you arrive
    • The entry should have big and open areas with smaller places to gather

    Themes on the COMMONS:

    • The commons should have prominent displays of student work and accomplishments
    • You should see artwork, imagery, and words that celebrate different cultures
    • The commons should also have big and open areas with smaller places to gather

    Themes on OUTDOOR LIVING:

    • There should be places to learn outdoors that are protected from harsh weather
    • The landscape should have a variety of spaces and seating options
    • There should be ways for students to interact with plants and water


    • Student work, art, and accomplishments should be prominent throughout the school
    • The learning areas should be organized by grade to foster a sense of community
    • There should be a variety of spaces to meet the needs of different students


  • Drawing of aerial view - new Lake Oswego Middle School

    Drawing - front entry of new Lake Oswego Middle School building

The new Lake Oswego Middle School Campus

Site Concept

  • Site Concept Drawing of new Lake Oswego Middle School


    1 - Entry Ridge Escarpment

    2 - Basalt Ridgeline Crest

    3 - Oak Savannah

    4 - Gardens of Production

    5 - Learning Loop

    6 - Hammock Grove

    7 - Ridgeline Play

    8 - Outdoor Commons

    9 - Multi-use Athletic Field


         U-14 Soccer


         Long & Triple Jump

    10 - Celebrate Springbrook Park

    S - Service Area