• Q: Will fir trees be removed?

    A: There are approximately 20 trees, of various types, being removed. A couple of them are located directly adjacent to the existing building. We will be mitigating on the site to compensate for the trees that are removed. Very few trees on the west side are being removed. 

    Q: What kind of path are you proposing along McEwan?

    A: We are currently proposing an asphalt path, similar to the design that went into the Pilkington pathways.

    Q: What will be the actual proposed height of the new building?

    A: It is approximately 37' at its highest.

    Q: What is the projected student capacity?

    A: The building is being designed for a capacity of 600. The existing facility has a capacity of 575.

    Q: What is the proposed timeline?

    A: It partially depends on our ability to start our work this summer, and the availability of contractors to perform the work, as we are in some pretty volatile times at the moment with regards to the construction market. Right now, what we have proposed is that students would be relocated to Uplands Elementary School for the next school year and the year after, 2023/2024.

    Q: Will there be outside bathroom facilities?

    A: No, there are no outside bathrooms included with this facility.