AP Exam Cancellation Form

  • AP 2023 Cancellation Form

    2023 LHS AP Exam Cancellation Information

    ● October 31, 3:00 pm: Deadline for students to cancel and receive a full refund. The “LHS AP Cancellation Request” form at the bottom (or linked above) must be completed and submitted to the AP Coordinator.

    ● Cancellations after the October 31, 3:00 pm deadline incur a $40 cancellation fee. A signed “LHS AP Cancellation Request” form must be dropped off to the AP Coordinator in the Lakeridge Main Office to receive this partial refund. Email cancellation requests must include the signed form.

    ● Cancellations made less than 24 hours prior to “regular” exam day will receive no refund except in the case of severe illness or family tragedy. A hardcopy original of a medical/doctor’s note must be submitted to the Coordinator by 3:00 pm Friday, May 19, 2023 along with the AP Exam Cancellation Request Form.

    ● Depending on the reason, instead of cancelling, students may wish to reschedule their exam to the Alternate Week of testing (May 16-19). Please see the AP Coordinator for details.

    ● Students should keep in mind that no college will see their scores unless they specifically order College Board to send them. See below for the “LHS AP Exam Cancellation Request Form” Questions? Contact Lois Moll, LHS AP Coordinator, molll@loswego.k12.or.us

    2023 LHS AP Exam Cancellation Request Form

    Students who have changed their minds about taking the AP exam and who have their parents’ or guardians’ approval to cancel the exam need to complete the information below if payment has already been submitted.

    Please return to the AP Coordinator by:

    ● 3:00 pm, October 31, 2023 to receive a full refund.

    ● No less than 24 hours prior to the “regular” exam day, to receive a partial refund of $40.

    ● Or, in the case of severe illness or family tragedy, please refer to the instructions above.

    ● All other cancellations/no-shows less than 24 hours prior to the “regular” exam day receive no refund. Note: Before making this decision, parents/guardians and students may want to take into consideration the control they have with regard to whether or not colleges see the score results. Colleges see these scores when and only if you choose to send them.

    Student Name: __________________________________Grade Level: ____________

    Exam: __________________ Exam Date:____________

    Exam: __________________ Exam Date:____________

    Parent/Guardian must sign and date if student is under 18 Parent/Guardian Signature_________________________ Print_____________________ Date _____________

    Counselor signature (in lieu of parent signature)_______________________________________ Print _________________ Date _________________________________

    Student Signature________________________________ Print_____________________ Date _____________

    Refund check payable to: __________________________

    Address to mail check: ____________________________