To get Ready for School

    • Practice washing your hands for 20 seconds. CDC When and How to Wash Your Hands
    • Find a mask that is comfortable and get a few pairs. Masks should completely cover the mouth and nose, and fit snugly without gaps. Masks with exhalation valves and neck gaiters are not allowed. CDC Your Guide to Masks
    • Practice wearing your mask for extended periods.
    • Get a reusable water bottle. Water fountains will not be used in the school.
    • Review the arrival and dismissal page on this website and make a plan for coming to and leaving school.

    Morning of of School

    • Screen for signs of illness using the Daily Home Screening guide.
    • Fill up your water bottle.
    • Double check that you have all your water bottle, mask, and charged device.
    • Don't forget your coat. The classroom will be a little chillier than normal.

    There are several things families can do at home to help prepare students for in-person school. 

    Daily Homescreening for Students During COVID-19

    CDC Face Mask Guidance

    Please Keep Ill Students Out of School