Parents of Enrolled LOSD Students

  • Registration for district and school e-mail lists (listserv)

    LOSD uses parent e-mail lists (ListServ) to facilitate communication via e-newsletters. These lists are in place for the district as a whole, for each school, and for parents whose students receive TAG services and/or special services. 

    Access to these lists is restricted to district administrators and designated staff. All information distributed via e-newsletters must first be approved by the appropriate administrator. Messages to the district list may originate from LOSD administration, the LOSD Foundation, or the LOSD Community School. (Please be advised that it is not possible to customize the delivery of district information.)

    All families are asked to provide the district with an e-mail address for the appropriate district and school lists. If you provided an email address on your LOSD registration form at the time of enrollment, it will be added to our listserv. No further action is required.

    To change an address in our student information database, please contact your school office.


    FAQ: How do I remove my address from school and district email distribution?

    If you no longer have students in LOSD schools (i.e., if your last student has graduated or if you have moved), your email address will be removed from school and district lists automatically as enrollment records are updated. During the summer, this happens in July as enrollment records are rolled over for the new school year. We make an effort to refrain from sending bulk email communications during the summer. Thank you for your patience.

Community E-News

  • Community members who do not have students in LOSD schools are invited to stay informed of district news and developments

    This e-mail list has been established for community members who would like to receive regular updates of district news and who do not have students enrolled in the Lake Oswego School District. Your subscription will include a weekly LOSD e-news message and a weekly notice of LOSD Community School offerings.

    To subscribe to LOSD Community e-news:

    1. Address an e-mail to the following:
    2. In the body of the e-mail, type the following, inserting your last name and first name in place of the text in red:subscribe community_list Last Name, First Name
    3. Send the e-mail 
    4. You will receive a reply from the List Server asking you to confirm your request. 
    5. Reply to the confirmation request and type ok as the text of your message (Type only the letters ok, with no quotation marks or additional punctuation.) 
    6. You will receive e-mail confirmation that the list owner will add you to the list.

    NOTE: Parents or guardians of students enrolled in Lake Oswego Schools should sign up for our parent lists to ensure they receive information from all relevant schools, and to avoid duplicate messages.