DEIA Advisory Committee

  • LOSD is aligning efforts through the following three groups in order to strenghten our DEI work. 
    Common Goals for all 3 Groups:

    • Support creating a safe learning community in which all voices are valued, students and staff have a sense of belonging and feel connected to each other and to their school.  
    • Support district’s and schools’ diversity, equity, inclusion and access efforts. 
    • Support enhanced focus on diversity, equity, inclusion and access efforts to staff, students, families and community.

    Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and Access Board Appointed Advisory Committee (DEIAC)


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    DEIA Advisory Committee

    The Committee provides a platform for the community to come together to assemble recommendations for the Lake Oswego School Board to adopt a Five-Year Equity Plan for the Lake Oswego School District.

    About: In April 2018, the Lake Oswego School Board passed a resolution entitled Board Appointed Committee on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, which led to the creation of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Advisory Committee (DEIAC), a standing committee.   Committee membership is offered, but not limited to, representation from students, teaching faculty, classified employees, parents and community members through a yearly application process.  Committee Charter.

    Purpose:  Advise, provide feedback and make recommendations to the School Board and Superintendent in their effort to create a safe learning community in which all voices are valued, students and staff have a sense of belonging and feel connected to each other and to their school. 

    Scope of Work or Goals:

    1. Raise awareness and promote action around diversity, equity, inclusion and access issues.
    2. Promote participation of students and staff in educational activities that support and encourage equity and inclusion.
    3. Promote practices that continue to make the LOSD DEI policy actionable and advocate for the needs and concerns of all students, staff and families, especially those who have been historically underrepresented or who might have been marginalized.
    4. Promote the recruitment, support, and retaining of teachers and staff from diverse backgrounds.
    5. Promote curriculum changes and culturally responsive teaching practices. 
    6. Communicate diversity and inclusion initiatives, actions, outcomes and results to all interested stakeholders.


LEAD Team: Leading Equity Action District Team

  • LEAD Team: Leading Equity Action District Team

    About: The LEAD team consists of representatives from each Lake Oswego School District building who are committed to equity work within their building, consisting of building administrators, licensed and classified staff.  These members attend professional development and help design school-wide programming that addresses issues of equity specific to their buildings.  This team meets every other month to discuss events specific to their building and share resources available to purposefully move this work forward.

    se:   Serve as liaison between DEI-AC and Building Equity Teams, and lead school’s diversity, equity and inclusion efforts.

    Scope of Work or Goals: Add how will connect with DEI-AC

    • Attend professional development in the areas of diversity, equity, inclusion, access, belonging. 
    • Help organize activities that promote and celebrate diversity, inclusion and multiculturalism (school-wide social gatherings, cultural events, workshops, staff/parent trainings and community conversations)
    • Some or all members of LEAD Team attend DEI-AC at least quarterly to align efforts
    • Inform teachers and staff of the policies, protocols, plans and practices related to equity and inclusion and assure implementation
    • Develop support and mentoring for new teachers of color.
    • Help develop and implement a systematic approach to educate, deepen knowledge and enhance competency of all members of LOSD school community.
    • Help develop and disseminate a common language to increase school community’s ability to speak fluently about and address issues related to diversity, equity and inclusion.
    • Help develop “menu” of options in conjunction with central office staff for school equity teams to work on.




LEAD Team Members

Kathryn Adams


Aletia Cochran


Kristen Colyer


Veronica Burgos


Vanessa Davalos

Community Schools 

Katrina Edwards


Ryan Furrer

Central Office   

Blaise Hammer


Lindsay Kopacek


Jamie Ohr


Teresa Sanchez


Jody Vanegas


Charissa White


School Equity Teams

  • School Equity Teams

    About: Each school building has put together a team of key stakeholders that vary in combination that may have teachers, staff, administrators, students and parents.  These teams address their building’s specific equity goals.

    Equity teams within each school building will help bring the focus of equity and inclusion to staff, students, families and community. 

    Scope of Work or Goals:

    • Work with school leadership in to create strategies to realize school’s equity goals. 
    • Address the specific equity and inclusion needs of their school’s staff, students and community proactively and as they arise. 
    • Develop various learning opportunities within buildings that will include events, trainings, building-wide projects and information nights. 
    • Provide a place for non-committee members to share suggestions and challenges regarding DEI
    • Gather data and assess climate issues/concerns

    LOHS Equity Council