• On Tuesday, July 29, Oregon Governor Kate Brown announced a set of health metrics to determine when school districts can safely reopen their buildings for in-person learning. Following that announcement, we made the difficult decision for LOSD to be in fully remote online learning for the first quarter. 

    The metrics (figure 1.1) are determined by considering the case rate and test positivity rate of COVID-19 in each county as well as statewide. In order for LOSD to reopen, the case rate in the tri-county needs to be at-or-below 10 per 100,000 population for three consecutive weeks. And our test positivity needs to be at or below 5% for three consecutive weeks. The state must also be at test positivity rate at-or-below 5% for three consecutive weeks. In LOSD, we are also linked to Multmomah and Washington Counties because we have a significant number of staff and students who live in those counties. 

    For perspective, our average over the last three weeks in the Tri-County area was 48 cases out of 100,000. (figure 1.2)

    The Tri-County area does not currently meet the health metrics for safely reopening schools for in-person learning. The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) and our local Clackamas County Public Health Department (CCPHD) will be diligently tracking and monitoring these rates and percentages and keeping the public as well as school districts informed of the status for their county.

    Students in Grades K-3 and students in groups that have been historically underrepresented: 

    Per the Oregon Department of Education metrics guidance, we will be planning for how to bring our students in grades K-3 and limited on-site interventions for students with IEPs and students in groups that have been historically underrepresented into buildings when we meet the allowable exceptions per the guidance, which may be before November. The metrics that must be met for this include being at-or-below 30 cases of COVID-19 per 100,000 population and test positivity of less than 5% in the preceding 7 days for the past 3 weeks.