• Dear LOSD Community,

    The final framework for reopening LOSD schools was presented at the School Board meeting last night.  You can click here to listen to the 2.5 hour discussion, or keep reading for a summary of what was approved, and what is up for approval at the board meeting next Monday, July 27 at 8 a.m. Also, there is a survey at the bottom of this message.

    Arriving at the final framework was an iterative process developed by education professionals and informed by extensive feedback from students, parents, teachers and staff through surveys, focus groups and meetings. The elementary plan was changed to the Hybrid model in order to be more developmentally appropriate, to reduce class sizes for all programs and to allow inclusive intervention and Student Services practices, and to ensure LOSD has staff to substitute if necessary. With the new elementary plan, fifth graders will be at their neighborhood school, freeing up Palisades and Uplands to provide childcare for teachers whose students may be on a different district schedule and to provide extended care for working parents.

    The final framework is endorsed by our teachers in the Lake Oswego Education Association for being centered on safety for teachers, staff and students and developmentally appropriate for all ages.

    Start of School

    Students, teachers and staff will start school on Tuesday, September 8, 2020, virtually.  The week prior, all students will have the opportunity to meet in person with their teacher to get to know each other, take a few assessments to see where students are educationally starting the year, and to pick up school-issued devices with all of the necessary applications and a tutorial. If students still have their devices from last year, they will need to bring them to the meeting to set up their Google Classroom for the new school year. Prior to meeting with students, teachers and staff will be in training sessions to prepare for the new year.

    The first two weeks of school (September 8-18) all students, teachers and staff will be attending school virtually. Students with 504s and Individualized Education Plans, as well as students who are developing English learners, may have interventions in person if the state permits schools to be open. Starting school remotely is to prepare everyone for the year to come while we continue to monitor health indicators. Depending on what the Governor, the Department of Oregon Education and public health authorities mandate, we may be doing school remotely for longer or at various times in the year.

    Fully remote will be much different than the distance learning experience in the spring. Fully remote will be structured; elementary students will follow a predictable schedule and middle and high school students will follow their bell schedule. That means if the first class of the day starts at 8:05 a.m., students will be expected to join their Zoom class at that time. Attendance will be taken, and the teacher will provide live instruction and interaction with the class.  Assessments and letter grades will be given. LOSD has upgraded the technology platform with Zoom and an enhanced Google Classroom learning management system, as well as a single sign-on for easy access.

    K-12 Hybrid or LO Online

    The two choices are Hybrid K-12 (in person and fully remote) and LO Online (all fully remote).  With Hybrid K-12, students have daily live instruction, with half the day in person at school and half the day online from home or extended care. Half of the students will be at school in the morning, and the other half will be in school in the afternoon to reduce all in-person cohorts to 20-15 or fewer students. Alternatively, when not at school, students will follow the Fully Remote experience described above. Students enrolled in LOSD do not need to register for Hybrid K-12.

    Web cameras with recording capabilities will be available in classrooms so that students may follow along if they need to be home for a period of time. Cameras are only for observation; students will not be able to interact with their classmates or teacher, which is why this is only for short term use.

    LO Online K-12 is intended for students who will not return to school in person. Current LOSD licensed teachers will be selected through an application process based on student enrollment. LO Online is for students enrolled in LOSD. Students will need to sign up for enrollment in LO Online, and are asked to commit for at least a quarter/trimester at a time. Sign ups for LO Online will open later this week and are due by Aug. 7; info sessions will be scheduled Aug. 4-5 to answer any lingering questions.

    In both choices, students will be taught by LOSD teachers with LOSD curriculum. Students will have access to LOSD core, elective and AP classes. Instruction will be both live, synchronous and recorded, asynchronous. Attendance will be taken and students will take assessments and receive letter grades. Students will have access to interventions, Student Services, school-issued devices and packaged meals for pickup. The only difference is in the Hybrid model, students may be in-person at school for part of their day and in LO Online program, students are taking all classes online.

    Cleaning and Health Protocols

    LOSD cleaning protocols, health screening, and Covid-19 case or outbreak response plan were discussed in detail at the School Board meeting. Health screening will be a four-step process: 1) parents take temperature and keep students at home if ill; 2) bus drivers do visual screening and notify school of concerns; 3) greeters at the entrance of school do visual screening; and 4) classroom teachers do a visual screening and notify the office. To protect privacy, students will be asked discretely to the office and into the health room. Please click here for more details on all of the protocols and plans. 

    Next Steps

    Starting school on September 8 virtually and the middle and high school hybrid model have been approved by the School Board. The new elementary hybrid model and LO Online model were discussed, and will be up for approval at the next school board meeting on Monday, July 27, at 8 a.m.

    Once approved, each school level (elementary, middle and high schools) will develop the details of their schedule, including determining what classes will be taught in person and what ones will be taugher online, organizing cohorts and creating class schedules. Per usual, student schedules will be available at the end of August. Additionally, each school will develop details of their site-specific plans.

    We need to gauge your intentions for LO Online, bus transportation, and extended care. Please click here to take a quick survey. Responses are due by Friday, July 24 at 5 p.m. Thank you in advance for sharing your intentions to further guide our planning.

    Congratulations on making it to the end of this long message! We have a lot of complex and important information to address as we make plans to welcome students, teachers and staff back to school safely this school year.

Sample Hybrid Schedule (Half of students in AM block, and other half in PM block)

Middle school schedule TBD