ROCK PAPER TAC TOE:  What happens when Tic Tac Toe gets married to Rock Paper Scissors?  FUN…that’s what!  In this game, you will need some form of tic tac toe board.  Draw it on cardboard, use 9-rings, you can do anything to make your tic tac toe board.  Each player will have 4 items of the same color will be needed for each player (bean bags, socks, bottle caps, you name it).  Player start by facing each other, and they begin with playing Rock Paper Scissors.  The winner gets to grab one of their items and place it on the Tic Tac Toe board.  Players simply keep going until someone wins!  A lot of interactive family fun, competition…inside or out!


    CHALK HOP:  2+ players can participate.  On cement/concrete, each player will use chalk to draw 4 squares in a row, with 1 number in each square.  For example, 1 2 3 4.  In front of the squares, they will draw a circle which will be their starting point.  One person acting as the moderator will call out the 4 numbers in some kind of sequence.  It could be 1 2 3 4…or 3 1 4 2, just mix it up.  Once the moderator has called out all 4 numbers they will say GO, the players must HOP from their spot, to all the numbers in order of how they were called out, and then back to their spot.  1st to do this wins or gets a point. If you have 3 kids, you can have one act as the moderator or simply stand out, and then rotate in and take on the winner of the prior round.  After a while, change up numbers, or have the kids hop on 1 foot to change things up!