Tips for Motivating Students and Reducing the Stress of Distance Learning

  • Has distance learning been challenging for your family? School closure has been a big shift for us all. The very structures of school (classrooms, communities, learning spaces, desks/tables, schedules, and breaks for physical movement and food) are designed to ready the mind for learning. Taking the physical space and community contact out of our learning experiences can leave us feeling unmotivated. 

    Our District Behavior Team has some tips to help structure learning times at home in ways that will help motivate and signal the brain it is time for school and learning. 

    • Create Good Habits 
       ○ Get Up 
       ○ Get Ready... 
       ○ Eat scheduled meals and snacks 
    • Create a daily schedule 
      ○ Work during the day time 
      ○ Chunk your schedule 
      ○ Mix in non-preferred followed by preferred tasks 
      ○ Build in 
           ■ Check-ins 
           ■ Physical Breaks 
           ■ Free Time Choices 
    • Create a study environment that works 
    • Create a social network for you and your student 
       ○ Schedule regular visits and playdates 
           ■ “Google Hangouts Meet” invites/links through Calendar 
           ■ Apps your family approves and are familiar with 
           ■ Stay connected with friends and classmates 
       ○ Maintain a sense of a community 
    • Create a system of support 
       ○ We are here for you 
       ○ Access your school teams for help 

    If you need individualized problem solving please contact your student’s teacher or school. They will connect you with someone who can help.