School Counselors & Social Workers Available to You

  • We care deeply about the social and emotional well being of our community, and want you to know that LOSD school counselors and social workers are available if ever you need them. Please email your school counselor. Or, if your concern is urgent, please call the 24-7 Clackamas County Crisis and Support at 503-655-8585.

    Forest Hills, Hayley Drimmel,
    Hallinan, Brittany Erspamer,
    Lake Grove, Wendy Post,
    Oak Creek, Diana Thompson,
    Oak Creek, Hannah Dawson,
    River Grove, Blaise Hammer,
    River Grove, Jodi Pope,
    Westridge, Gary Kieser,

    Lake Oswego Junior High
    Carrie Trullinger (6th grade),
    Molly Healy (7th grade),
    Emily Gillard (8th grade),

    Lakeridge Middle School
    Monica Binder (6th grade),
    Marcy Watts (7th grade),
    Callista Charon (8th grade),

    Lake Oswego High School
    Molly Clark, (9th grade),
    John Benz, (A-Ha, 10th-12th grade),
    Michele Tyra, (He-O, 10th-12th grade),
    Molly Ferris, (P-Z, 10th-12th grade),
    Sina Wibstad, School Social Worker,

    Lakeridge High School
    Brent Prasnikar (A-Di),
    Debra Stevens (Dh-Kh),
    Olivia Young (Ki-Pq),
    Lee Brown (Pr-Z),
    Suzanne McCann, School Social Worker,