• Hello LOSD Community,

    Monitoring and responding to the case of COVID-19 in our community continues to be at the forefront of what’s happening in LOSD. Today we are addressing further questions and concerns from our community.

    Respect and dignity. We are investigating some reports of students who have been targeted and discriminated against in connection to the coronavirus COVID-19. This is unacceptable and contrary to our values of equity and inclusiveness. Our responsibility is to provide welcoming, safe, and inclusive schools, and we do not tolerate acts of discrimination. This is especially important at a time when fears about the virus can too easily foster suspicion without regard for facts. Please keep close to our values, continue to treat everyone in our community with respect, and recognize the dignity and humanity of everyone.  

    Contingency plan: LOSD is developing a contingency plan, which may include online teaching and learning, should we need to close schools for an extended period of time. This work is simply a precaution. We are fortunate in LOSD that each and every student can be equipped with a one-to-one device. We are exploring ways to assure each student can access Wi-Fi from home. In parallel, we are taking inventory of online communication and learning platforms to determine common themes and we’ll be bringing together elementary, middle and high school instructional teams to create an online plan.

    Absences. At this time and based on how COVID-19 is identified and tracked, we do not believe we have had students absent from LOSD schools due to COVID-19. Last year, our average attendance was 89.5 percent. On Monday, March 1, our average attendance at our schools (minus Forest Hills) was 89.1 percent. We are closely tracking and monitoring attendance.

    Handwashing. We will continue emphasizing the importance of handwashing at school, and hope you will do the same at home. Public health authorities believe handwashing is one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of coronaviruses, including COVID-19. We have cleaned and disinfected surfaces at our schools. Frequently cleaned hands touching those surfaces will further help prevent the spread of germs. 

    For more information, I encourage you to visit the LOSD Health Alert landing page. It chronicles all communication and information from LOSD since Friday, Feb. 28 when we first learned of the case of COVID-19 in our community.

    We are grateful to be working in a community with such care and concern for all.


    Dr. Lora de la Cruz, Superintendent, LOSD