• Dear LOSD staff and families,

    In our ongoing effort to keep you apprised of new information, we are notifying you that in a precautionary move, Clackamas County has declared a state of emergency in response to coronavirus. This action was taken for the county to be as prepared as possible to address the potential of future coronavirus incidents in Clackamas County. At the time of the declaration, there are three total reports of presumptive coronavirus infections statewide. Two cases are the presumptive cases involving the Lake Oswego school employee and the family member of that employee (the third is in Umatilla County).

    This declaration does not change the status of LOSD schools.

    The Board of County Commissioners did not declare a “public health emergency.” The declaration allows the county to seek additional resources from the state of Oregon, and enables the county to streamline resources, staffing, and establish emergency policies and protocols. It may also allow the county, eventually, to recoup financial costs associated with emergency response.


    Mary Kay Larson, Communications Director, LOSD