Reunification After Large Scale Natural Disaster Such as the Cascadia Earthquake

  • Getting Home-Reunification

    If damage to school is minor, bus and other transportation would proceed as normal. If damage is severe, buses would not run and families must pick up children at school.  A controlled release will be set-up at each school site to allow parents to be reunified with their student. Parent/Guardians should keep in mind that reunification is a process that protects both the safety of the students and provides for an accountable change of custody from the school to a recognized custodial parent or guardian.  Parent/Guardians can expect the reunification process will take several hours.  We ask that parent/guardians have identification readily available when picking up students. Students will not be allowed to re-enter buildings until they have been inspected by a damage assessment team.


    Family Reunification Plan

    Parent/Guardians are expected to pick students up from school as soon possible.  All LOSD families should have a family reunification plan that includes how and who will pick up students in the event of a large disaster. When a parent/guardian can't immediately get to the school site the family plan should have pre-identified individuals who can pick up the student and those persons must be on the emergency contact list. Otherwise, the school will hold students until parents can pick up their child.

    Plan your route to school using Portland Maps.  The new Portland Maps can help you identify your route to pickup your students post disaster.  The maps contain FEMA information on hazards and other public safety resources.

    How you find out

    If communication systems remain functional, LOSD would inform families about how students will get home. Otherwise, families are expected to get students from school as soon as possible. 

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