Mission and Guiding Beliefs

  • Mission:

    The Lake Oswego School District is dedicated to providing services that will support opportunities for identified TAG Students K-12 to reach their full potential.

    Guiding Beliefs:

    It is our goal to provide services that will meet the diverse needs of our gifted and talented students to maximize each student’s individual potential.

    In order to provide an appropriate education to all students, the district recognizes that instruction and curriculum differentiation are essential for academically and intellectually gifted students.  Regular classroom teachers are primarily responsible for meeting the learning needs of gifted and talented students.  The district provides support services in the form of resource staff and supplementary services.  Guiding beliefs about TAG education include:

    • Each TAG student possesses unique abilities and interests to be nurtured.
    • TAG students will have opportunities to interact with other students of similar abilities and interests.
    • The TAG program will consist of a variety of services that may include coordinator consultation, differentiated instruction, curriculum modifications, counseling and guidance support, and opportunities for acceleration.
    • Support services for regular classroom teachers are essential for a quality TAG program.
    • Parents have the right and responsibility to participate in their child’s TAG program, both within the school and beyond the school setting.