Wildcat Fundraiser 2019

  • Current totals as of 10/08/2019:

    • Total raised: $77,186.34
    • Participation leader: 1st grade with 66.25% participation
    • Largest donor (for VIP parking '20-'21): $3000
    • Corporate matching funds received to date: >$6780
  • WHO? Hopefully everyone! Our goal is 100% participation.

    WHAT? Fundraising for the PTSO budget for 2019-2020. The PTSO spends approximately $300.00 on each student, and so we ask that families contribute $300.00 for each Westridge student in their family. Every dollar counts and every dollar goes back to the student experience at Westridge. Though the ask is for a specific amount, we welcome any gift that fits your family’s budget. Our goal is for the Wildcat Fundraiser to be our only major fundraising event this year.

    WHERE? Online at: https://tinyurl.com/wildcatfund

    (Feel free to share this link with grandparents, relatives, friends and neighbors.)

    Check out our monthly payment plan at https://tinyurl.com/wildcatfundoptions

    WHEN? The Wildcat Fundraiser runs from August 23 – October 17, 2019. The Silly Sock Hop on October 17th will be our final celebration event.

    WHY? The PTSO budget sponsors Westridge field trips at every grade level, Art Literacy, STEM enrichment, educational support materials and library books, to name just a few – things that we consider essential to every child’s experience at Westridge. Last year we were able to use these funds to furnish our library with updated furniture and fund a new climbing wall in the gymnasium.



    Is this different than the Lake Oswego Schools Foundation fundraising drive? Yes! LOSF funds several teacher positions district-wide, while this fundraiser supports the student experience here at Westridge.

    What does this money go towards? Everything from library books, every field trip your child goes on, online learning tools like IXL, Art Literacy and our new climbing wall. If you would like to chat further about how this money is spent, please do not hesitate to reach out. All donations to Westridge PTSO are tax-deductible and may be eligible for corporate matching. Let us know if you would like to pay by installment or by check. You can direct fundraiser-specific questions to westridgewildcatfund@gmail.com

    Are there prizes? Yes! The grade level with the highest level of participation will receive a grade-wide prize that will be announced at the Silly Sock Hop. If multiple grades reach 100% participation, they will all receive prizes! The family that brings in the largest total dollar amount (including corporate match) will win VIP Parking for 2020-21.

    What counts as participation? Any dollar amount given counts as participation!

    Can I split up my donation into monthly increments? Yes! Check out our payment plans at https://tinyurl.com/wildcatfundoptions