Raptor Visitor Management System

  • Introduction to Raptor Visitor Management System 
    Raptor is a web-based software application developed to aid educational facilities in ensuring that people entering the building are legally cleared to access areas where contact with students will likely be possible. Raptor will allow our schools to electronically check all visitors against a registered sexual offender database, produce a visitor badge, and monitor all visitors once inside our buildings. The overall goal of implementing Raptor is to control access to all Lake Oswego school district buildings, thus providing enhanced student and staff protection. 

    Parents: Please bring your driver's license or passport to register on the first day of school. Thank you!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Click here for Raptor Personal Data Security FAQs 

    What is the Raptor system? 
    Raptor is a visitor management system that enhances school security by reading visitor drivers’ licenses (or other approved state-issued ID), and comparing information to a sex offender database by alerting school administrators. Once cleared through the system, a visitor badge includes a photo. 

    How does Raptor work? 
    Raptor compares state-issued ID information to a database that contains registered sex offenders from 50 states. In the event of a match, Raptor alerts designated school officials. 

    What is the purpose of the Raptor system? 
    Raptor helps our schools keep unwanted visitors out and track visitors allowed in. By proactively alerting personnel to certain potential threats, Raptor allows school administrators and law enforcement personnel to take appropriate steps to keep the students, employees, and visitors safe. For valid visitors, the system also prints visitor badges that include the visitor’s name, photo, date, and destination. Those badges enable personnel within the building to quickly determine if visitors are in areas where they should or should not be. 

    Why is the Lake Oswego School District using this system? 
    The safety of our students is our highest priority. Raptor will provide a consistent system to track visitors and volunteers while keeping away people who present a danger to students. The system quickly prints visitor badges that include a photo, the visitor's name, time, and date. 

    Does the school/district have the right to require visitors, even parents, to produce identification before entering the school? 
    Yes. School officials need to know who is in the building and why they are there. Particularly when a student is involved (e.g., early pickup), school officials need to be able to confirm that an individual has the authority to have access to the student. 

    What types of IDs will work in Raptor? 
    The scanner can scan all state licenses, state identification cards, concealed handgun licenses, consular ID cards, green cards, active military cards, and passport card (not the full passport). It does not officially scan other countries’ identification cards.

    What if the person refuses to show identification? 
    Contact the campus administrator immediately. The administrator can question the individual and explain the process to them. Based on their knowledge of the person and situation, the administrator can decide to allow entry or refuse access to the facility and/or a student. If the visitor does not supply proper identification, they can give their full name and date of birth to be checked in.  

    What other information is the school taking from driver’s licenses? 
    Raptor only scans the visitor’s name, date of birth, and photo for comparison with a national database of registered sex offenders and any private alerts at the school. Additional visitor data will not be gathered, and no data will be shared with any outside company or organization. 

    Is an ID card scan necessary each time a person enters the building? 
    No. After the first scanning, the Raptor operator would find the visitor’s name in the system (first or last name look-up) and use the record of the previously-scanned ID to sign the visitor in and print a visitor’s badge. This makes check-in much easier after the initial visit. 

    What is the checkout process for visitors leaving the building? 
    The checkout process doesn’t involve scanning the card again. The operator will find the name of the person signing out and click a “sign out” button. This provides a record of entry and departure and time on any campus. 

    Will the Raptor System be used for after-school activities? 
    No, the system will only be used during regular school hours, Monday through Friday. 

    What are the privacy protocols for this information?
    Raptor Technologies, Inc. (Raptor) warrants that the confidentiality of data from our clients will be maintained according to all Federal and State laws and any local policies communicated to us. Raptor acts as an agent and representative for the client in the storage, import, and/or analysis of data. Access to personally identifiable data will not be allowed for anyone other than Raptor staff directly responsible for the storage, import, and/or analysis of the data. Data will be provided by Raptor only to persons or entities authorized by the client. Data will be used by Raptor only according to the terms of our signed agreements.