What would the local option levy provide?

  • The Lake Oswego School District Local Option Levy was first passed in 2000 and has since been renewed three times. Of those renewals, two were without an increase. It currently funds more than 80 teaching, licensed, and classified positions, or more than 12% of the District’s annual operating budget.

    The May 2019 Local Option Levy would continue current funding and provide additional resources to hire new licensed staff to support advanced career/technical and STEM programs and to provide academic and individualized social/emotional counseling supports. If passed, the local option levy will maintain more than 80 teaching, licensed, and support positions, while the additional assessment of $.25 per $1000 assessed value, would provide for:

    Mental Health Supports

    • Add 3 elementary mental health and social-emotional learning counselors
    • Add 4 secondary mental health/social-emotional learning counselors


    • Add 6 elementary STEAM/Innovation teacher; one for each elementary school makerspace
    • Add 2 secondary STEM/Innovation teachers; to build out computer science offerings


    • Add 3 elementary ready support/learning specialists
    • Add 1.5 PE support for elementary schools


    • Add 1 additional school resource officer