Agenda 2.19.2019

  • What: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Advisory Committee Meeting
    Date: Tuesday, February 19, 2019
    Time: 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.
    Location: Lake Oswego School District, Boardroom

    Time                           Topic

    6:00-6:05                    1. Welcome/Introductions/Selection of Timekeeper/Review of Agenda

    6:05-6:10                    2. Approval of January 15, 2019 Meeting Minutes

    6:10-6:20                    3. Discussion of Recent Incident

    6:20-7:15                    4. Subcommittee Report Out

    7:15-7:55                    5. Meet with Subcommittee(s) of Interest

    7:55-8:00                    6. Review of Action Items/Next Steps

    8:00                             7. Adjourn

Meeting Minutes 2.19.2019

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Advisory Committee

    Meeting Minutes

    February 19, 2019

    Members Present:     Siri Anderson, Gloria Brown, Emma Burke, Manny Espinoza, Shava Feinstein, Mya Gordon, Neelam Gupta, Kathy Lloyd, Paul Miller, Charu Nair, Becky Owens, David Salerno Owens, Mary Petrides, Willie Poinsette, Paula Posadas, Carrie Rodriguez, Christine Thomas, Rob Wagner

    Members Absent:      Brian Bills, Shalini Broderick, Ebony Clarke, Julie Davis, Sukhwant Jhaj, Anushka Nair

    Also Present:            Timothy Lamb, Christine Moses, Yang Wu, Teresa Sanchez

    Welcome/Introductions/Selection of Timekeeper/Review of Agenda

    David Salerno Owens brought the meeting to order at 6:02pm.

    Requested an update on YouthTruth.

    Addressed Respond to Racism participants and attendees.

    Approval of 12/15/2018 Meeting Minutes

    Mr. Salerno Owens took requests for Corrections/Changes. Meeting Minutes approved.

    Discussion of Recent Incident

    Mr. Salerno Owens - Report from a student at LOJH about anti-semitic notes in a book. Described steps taken to find out where the notes came from; it’s an open investigation. Seeking witnesses and information to locate perpetrators. Connections with anti-defamation league and Jewish Federation of Portland.

    Unity Day will happen at LOJH- outside speakers and contributions.

    Gloria Brown - Inquired about showing the video from the RTR 2/18/19 Panel would like to make sure students have access.

    Neelam Gupta - Friend of victim is the one that was with the student encouraged the student to report the incident. It was nice that Principal Mills - sent an email letting the LOJH community about what occurred.

    Rob Wagner - Can communication about what occurred go out to all families at all schools? Mr. Salerno Owens - Parents asked that it not be sent to everyone.

    Willie Poinsette - Requested clarification on what is meant by expulsion. Wants to know how people trained in Restorative Practices; a single training is not enough for restorative practices. Requested that the RTR student panel be viewed by all students.

    Mr. Salerno Owens - Explained the steps to move toward expulsion.

    Mary Petrides - Questioned restorative practices.

    Emma Burke - Liability of LOSD if they are sued.

    Mr. Salerno Owens -  Buildings can use their discretion.

    Paul Miller - Doesn’t feel that teachers at LOJH have been trained on restorative practices/justice.  Concerned about student behavior.

    Ms. Poinsette - Unity Day; LOSD should consult.

    Becky Owens - Addressed special education student’s behaviors.

    Subcommittee Report Out

    School Culture (Shava, Manny, Kathy, Carrie, Christine) -- Would like defining and defeating behaviors related the school culture we want.

    Curriculum Reform (Kathy) -- Wants to know the requirements for adopting curriculum; add diversity component to district curriculum. No diversity or SEL component to recently adopted curriculum. State standards for behavior; we need to address.

    Mr. Salerno Owens shared that there are inconsistencies within and among buildings. Building representatives that are staff members in buildings that will disseminate information in buildings.

    Ms. Gupta is co-chairing the LOSD Levy - shared about the levy that will support SEL, counselors, science.

    Charu Nair - Cultural literacy is important.

    Workforce Committee (Willie, Manny, Carrie) -- Baseline representation is the data that they looked at. The 2 levers include recruiting and retention; need to focus on both at the same time. Should coordinate with LOSD Levy for the new hires.

    Mr. Wagner - Board is addresses at hiring practices. Will look at hiring policies. We should have HR director meet with our committee. HB2743 for recruiting people into the profession from underserved populations.

    Ms. Poinsette - Workforce would like access to the data they need from HR.

    Policy (Charu, Gloria and Emma) -- Looked at the optional equity policy. Preamble for the district. Contacted the OSBA policy group. Preamble is philosophy, not necessary. Not sure if it needs to be a part of the policy. HB 2016. Shared the equity statement and how it differs from equality.

    Paul T. Miller - Would like for the district to address the race problem. 

    Ms. C. Nair - PPS has Racial Educational Policy.

    Siri Anderson - Working on the rewrite of ODEs equity policy. It’s from 2008. It needs to updated.

    Kathy Lloyd/Ms. Owens - Special education audit is available online.

    Community/Engagement (Emma) -- Shared information/feedback she received from the community. Economic equity, dyslexia. Ms. Brown feels that the community at large should know what our committee is doing.

    Meet with Subcommittee(s) of Interest

    Committee members broke out into subcommittees for discussions.

    Review of Action Items/Next Steps

    LO Foundation - Ms. Gupta shared that LO Foundation board is recruiting for board members.  If interested, please contact Mary Kay Larson. Deadline: March 1, 2019.

    Ms. Lloyd - DEI Winter Calendar for subcommittee meetings, anyone not aware, please contact me.

    Zarettta Hammond’s Book - Culturally Responsive Teaching and the Brain.  Would like the book to be re-introduced. Next steps: Read Chapters #1 and #5.

    Ms. Owens: SSSAC Presenter will be coming to kick off disability week.

    Paula Posadas - Students attended this evening’s meeting? has info.

    Mr. Wagner to provide link about bill hiring practices HB 32743.

    HB 2016 – Look into for adding into the Equity Policy.


    The meeting was adjourned at 8:04pm. The next meeting is scheduled for March 19, 2019 at 6:00 p.m.