2018-2019 Placement Options

  • Lake Oswego High School
    Placement Options

     World Language:

     LOHS currently offers Spanish 1-4, AP Spanish, French 1-4, AP French, Chinese 1-4, AP Chinese, and Japanese 1-4.

    • LOHS requires two years of world language for graduation. Some universities require more than two years of language and students should check out those requirements prior to forecasting.
    • Students who took a first year Spanish or French course at the middle school will receive one year of world language credit, which will be applied to the their LOHS transcript.
    • Students who took first and second year Spanish or French course at the middle school will receive two years of world language credit, which will be applied to their LOHS transcript.
    • Students transferring into LO that have taken prior years of foreign language should plan on taking the STAMP placement test.  We are offering the test on Wednesday, June 13 at 9am and Monday August 20th at 9am.  Please contact the counseling office to sign up.
    • If your student took first year Spanish or French at the middle school and successfully passed with an A, B or C, they should register for second year language at LOHS. (The first year classes at the middle school and high school have the same curriculum, expectations and requirements.)
    • Students who received a C or better should NOT repeat first year language unless there are extenuating circumstances and it is cleared through high school administration.
    • Students wishing to begin foreign language their freshmen year should request their preferred language on the forecasting sheet.
    • If you have concerns about your student’s transition to high school, we suggest you consider waiting until sophomore year to begin language study. Many students begin world language as sophomores, allowing them to be more successful after they have adjusted to the demands of high school.  


    • Placing students in the correct level of math is one of the most important decisions we make. It is imperative that we work together to place your student where they have the opportunity to be successful yet appropriately challenged. 
    • Eighth grade math teachers, under the guidance of the high school math department, will determine student’s recommended placement based on their current performance. This placement will appear on the student’s forecast sheet (unless they are transferring into the district).
    • Students transferring into LOHS are strongly encouraged to take a placement exam before school starts. We will also review student’s current grade and progress to help determine placement. Math placement testing opportunities are as follows: May 17 (4:00), June 7 (4:00), and August 22 (1:00)
    • In May, all math teachers will recheck their recommendations and communicate appropriate changes based on the student’s academic progress at that time.
    • Concerns/questions about initial math placement recommendations should be first communicated with the student’s current math teacher.
    • Parents may not change their child’s math placement without consultation with administration/math department chair at LOHS.
    • Placement is based on each student’s success/potential in the Lake Oswego curriculum.
    • We do not necessarily recommend or support students taking a summer math class to accelerate in the math curriculum. Students wanting more information about our rationale should contact Kerri Michael, Math Department Chair, and/or Brian Crawford, Assistant Principal. 


    • Geoscience is the recommended course of study for freshmen. All freshmen will be scheduled into Geoscience unless parents formally request Biology as a placement.  In order for the student to be scheduled into Biology, the following must occur:
      • Parent completes the Science Assessment Request form and submits it by February 23 to the LOJ Main Office (LOJ Students) or LOHS Counseling Office (Transfer Students).
      • Eighth grade science teachers will complete a Science Assessment on each student who submitted a request.  Evaluation criteria includes:  Grades, independent learner/responsible learner characteristics, accelerated pace, & lab skills, and State Assessment results.
      • The assessment on each student is forwarded to the high school. Placement is determined by Lake Oswego School District criteria.
      • Student placement determination will be visible as a course request in StudentVUE in May.
      • All questions regarding Biology placement should be directed to Brian Crawford, Assistant Principal, Lake Oswego High School. Should your student not be placed in Biology, please note that we are available to meet to discuss this placement decision.  

    Honors English: 

    • All LOJ students interested in applying for Honors English must complete the application process in the spring.
    • The placement exam will be offered during the school day at LOJ for their current 8th graders.
    • Students transferring into the district will have the option of testing on May 10th at 4 p.m. or August 20 at 9 a.m.
    • Applications may be picked up in the Lake Oswego High School counseling office or downloaded from the English Department’s website.
    • The Honors English application should be brought with the student when they attend the Honors English testing.
    • Appropriate placement will be determined by the Honors English Committee and will be based on current English teacher assessment, a self-assessment, and an impromptu essay.
    • If committee review of a student's application determines the appropriate placement to be regular English, the student is given one additional option. After weighing the committee recommendation, the student and his/her parents may decide that the student will attempt the challenge and enroll in the Honors/AP English class. However, all course standards and expectations will remain the same.
    • Students/parents who would like additional information on why their child did not get placed in Honors English are welcome to contact Marcy Huss, Department Chair.