November 19, 2018

  • Agenda

    1. Welcome/Introductions/Review of Agenda

    2. Approval of October 15, 2018 Meeting Minutes

    3. Update on Superintendent Recruitment

    4. Role/Scope/Goals of DEI

    5. Proposed Policy - Hazing, Harassment, Intimidation, Menacing, Bullying, Cyberbullying

    1. Review of draft
    2. District response

    6. Subcommittees

    7. Calendar of Remaining Meetings for the Year

    1. Moving from 3rd Monday of the Month to the 3rd Tuesday of the Month because of multiple calendar conflicts, with the next meeting on Tuesday, December 18, 2018
    2. 2nd to last meeting of the school year will be Monday, May 13, 2019 instead of May 21, 2019
    3. Based on the end of the school year on June 7, 2019, the last meeting will be Tuesday, June 4, 2019

    8. Review of Action Items/Next Steps

    9. Adjourn

  • Meeting Minutes

    Members Present:     Brian Bills, Shalini Broderick, Emma Burke, Ebony Clarke, Shava Feinstein, Mya Gordon, Neelam Gupta, Kathy Lloyd, Paul Miller, Anushka Nair, Charu Nair, Becky Owens, David Salerno Owens, Willie Poinsette, Paula Posadas, Carrie Rodriguez, Christine Thomas, Rob Wagner.

    Members Absent:      Gloria Brown, Julie Davis, Manny Espinoza, Sukhwant Jhaj, and Mary Petrides.

    Welcome and Agenda Review

    Co-chairs brought the meeting to order at 6:06pm.

    Rotating timekeeper will be Becky Owens. Briefly went over the agenda. Changed item 4 with revised policy to proposed rule change. #6 and #8 to include work session in January as well. All in favor to change the agenda. Committee voted to amend agenda.

    Approval of 9/17/2018 & 10/15/2018 Meeting Minutes

    Grammar and capitalization will be addressed in 10/15/2018 minutes. Demographic groups taking out OTHER group with specific demographic groups. It is reflected in 10/15/2018 minutes.

    September 17thminutes motion to approve. Committee voted in minutes. October 15thminutes motion to approve. Committee voted in minutes.

    Update on Superintendent Search (Rob Wagner)

    Two members on the board, maybe three who are engaged on the Board. Liz Hartman and John Wallin were tasked to solicit feedback from a search consulting firm. Ray & Associates was hired to lead the search. There were 14 active feedback sessions. The expected announcement will be during the second week of December. Entire school board is engaged in the process. Committee can go back to school board website to look at past board meetings.

    Is there another time that the community is part of a committee that interviews the committee? Will community have any access to interviewing the candidates directly? This is not a public search that candidates will be paraded to the community. Community engagement has already been done. Committee wants to encourage transparency. What are demographics of candidates? What is the intentionality of the candidates? Will board be releasing demographics? During Leadership Project, there was conversation around hiring practices. Would that mean the committee have access to that information? The district will work to bring forward that information to the committee. Next meeting will want update on that data.

    Proposed Rule - Hazing, Harassment, Intimidation, Menacing, Bullying, Cyberbullying

    Lou Bailey engaged with Brian Bills. Mike Musick explained it is not significant change, but there is some change. Mr. Bailey has engaged conversations with building principals and what is missing. They talked about predictable processes. Mr. Bailey has engaged with Mr. Bills continuously throughout the month. How are they reporting, documenting and training? School buildings have used Synergy to put information in, but they have not been using it. They are working on consistency on documenting and reporting incidents in Synergy. There does not have to be a consequence to document as a report. Documentation so that there is evidence if this has been reported in the past.

    This has not been done for elementary as of yet. This is only 6th-12th. There was an urgency at the secondary level. Elementary will be working on this really soon to ensure that they are aligned. It is different slightly at the elementary. How would students know to report? How, when who to report. Training will be important with teachers, administrators and students. Working on how to message this with various schools. This has been done at both Lake Oswego Junior High and Lakeridge Junior High. This will be coming throughout in the next two-three weeks.

    With regards to consequences, they will be using the same consequences as drug and alcohol. Looked at the process and LOSD has modified process so that students will be suspended in school or out of school and/or subject to an expulsion hearing. There have been four such hearings since the last three weeks. Restorative practices and resolve that relationship to get the parents involved.

    Shalini Broderick would like to see procedures adjoined in policy. Two other questions of Ms. Broderick: What is process that teachers will understand the policy? What is policy for K-6 as the policy at hand is for 7-12? LOSD will get back with regards to elementary. Ms. Broderick asked if staff can let committee members know if there is policy as they begin work so they do not do more than what is already available. District is working to get information to members in a timely matter.

    The Co-chairs, Ebony Clarke & Anushka Nair, have explained that it is important to work with committee and have open communications. Paul Miller asked as clarification that what we went over is not policy. Mr. Bailey explained that these are processes of what principals will start doing and policy is not staff, but for the board. There will be a placeholder for talking about policy.

    Board created a standing committee that would work with equity team. Look at data and peer districts to compare what we are doing. Data and best practices. Mr. Musick explained the need to incorporate and define inclusive so that we can continue to make the equity work better for this district. Clarification on looking toward an equity plan and developing that as group and can focus this during the work session. Ms. Broderick wants to ensure that there is proper qualitative data after reviewing data sets and need more specific.

    Role/Scope/Goals of DEI

    Mr. Musick wants feedback of DEI committee regarding YouthTruth survey, so willing to move back survey back if necessary.

    Need to start developing an equity plan, so will be going through a series of exercises to do so. Will like to do a working retreat or session during January or February to really work through what an equity plan looks like. The exercise will be think about initial or core elements of an equity plan.


    The Co-chairs talked about the importance of building in time to talk about procedural things and to make it formalized. They will be creating a team drive on Google Docs to have shared documents. Ms. A. Nair talked about the subcommittees that were formalized by Ms. Clarke and herself. Ms. A. Nair outlined there would be eight subcommittees. The subcommittees would be: 1) Mission/Purpose, 2) Executorial Elements, 3) Curriculum Reform, 4) Policies, 5) Work Force, 6) School Culture, 7) Community Engagement, and 8) Accountability/Transparency.

    The co-chairs asked for names to be submitted as leadership for the subcommittees, to be voted in at a later time. Charu Nair was nominated for Mission/Purpose; Ms. Broderick was nominated for Executorial Elements; Kathy Lloyd was nominated for Curriculum Reform; Ms. C. Nair was nominated for Policies; Ms. Broderick, Ms. Lloyd, Ms. C. Nair, Willie Poinsette and Mr. Miller were nominated for Work Force; Mya Gordon and Shava Feinstein were nominated for School Culture; Ms. Feinstein, Ms. Owens and Emma Burke were nominated for Community Engagement; Mr. Bills and Manny Espinoza were nominated for Accountability/Transparency.

    The co-chairs also discussed hiring a consultant to help with DEI. They suggested that the subcommittee mission and purpose would work with the consultant closely. Ms. Burke suggested Diana Cutaia as a possible consultant as Ms. Cutaia has worked with the district before. Ms. Burke said she would email the contact information. Also, Ms. Clarke brought up a four-hour working session in January, with a date to be announced at a later time.


    The meeting was adjourned at 8:14pm. The next meeting is scheduled for December 18, 2018 at 6:00 p.m.