Registration & Verification

  • Registration is the process of enrolling a new student who has never attended Lake Oswego School District (LOSD) before, or a student who was withdrawn (stopped attending) and is now returning. This is typically done through the district's online registration portal. Review the guidelines below to determine if your student can be registered online.
    Verification is the annual process of reviewing and updating information for students who are already enrolled in LOSD. Parents should log into ParentVUE for verification during the district's verification window.
    Registration for the 2023-2024 school year opens in January 2023. The information to register will be available in January 2023.    
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Documents Required for Registration

  • The following documents must be provided to the enrolling school in order to complete your child's registration:

    • Proof of LOSD residency (e.g., recent utility bill with home address)
    • Official record of child's birth (e.g., birth certificate, passport) - This will not be retained and is only to confirm the name and birthdate 
    • Oregon Certificate of Immunization Status (CIS) form *or* you can type in the child's immunization dates within the online registration portal (Immunization requirements)
    • Copy of current IEP if applicable to your child
    • If your child is aged 7 or younger, a Dental Screening Certificate

    These other documents are optional; however, the enrolling school may request them later if you do not provide them as part of the registration process:

    • Most recent high school transcript if applicable to your child
    • Copy of the current Section 504 plan if applicable to your child


    You should use online registration if:
    • You are registering a new student who has never attended an LOSD school or program at any time in grade K-12 or post-high school.
    • You are registering a returning student who withdrew from an LOSD school in the past, is not currently enrolled in LOSD, and is now returning to an LOSD school. 
    • You live within LOSD boundaries or have an approved Inter-District Transfer or Tuition application.
    • You are registering your student for one of the District's schools (excluding Harmony Academy). 

    If you are applying for the Palisades World Language School/immersion program, please register at your resident school.

    You cannot use online registration if: