Online Registration

  • Lake Oswego School District (LOSD) uses online registration for most new students starting in the 2019/20 school year. Please review the following guidelines to determine if this option is available for your student.
    You should use online registration if:
    • You are registering a new student who has never attended an LOSD school or program at any time in grade K-12 or post-high school.
    • You live within LOSD boundaries.
    • You are registering your student for one of the District's 10 schools (as listed under "Select a School" above).
    You cannot use online registration if:
    • Returning Student: your student withdrew from an LOSD school in the past, is not currently enrolled in LOSD, and is now returning to an LOSD school. Use the paper registration form. 
    • Preschool or pre-kindergarten: you wish to enroll your student into preschool or pre-kindergarten. (Apply through LOSD's Community School.)
    • Alternative Placement: your student is enrolling into an educational program managed by LOSD, but will not attend an LOSD school. Use the paper registration form. 
    • Transition Student: your student is enrolling into LOSD’s Community Transitions Program (post high school). Use the paper registration form. 
    • Early Admission: you wish to enroll your student into a grade level that is above the student’s age. Visit our Kindergarten Early Admission page for information about this grade level.
    • Unapproved Inter-District Transfer: if you reside outside LOSD boundaries and wish to enroll your student without paying tuition, you must first obtain approval for an inter-district transfer from your resident school district. Do not use online registration until this approval has been obtained.
    • Unapproved Tuition Student: if you reside outside LOSD boundaries and wish to enroll your student by paying tuition, complete the tuition application form before using online registration.