• Ad Hoc: Elementary Facilities Task Force

    The LOSD School Board recently passed a resolution to create an ad hoc committee to the Long Range Facilities Planning Committee to focus specifically on elementary school facilities.

    The purpose of the Elementary Facilities Task Force is to review current and planned elementary programming, identify limitations in current facility footprints, understand student needs, and develop solution options that harmonize programs, facilities, and productive learning.

    The committee will be asked to develop unconstrained options on elementary school configurations that do not limit programming options, including but not limited to, options such as magnet schools, redrawing boundaries, additional portable classrooms, etc.

    The committee will meet regularly, and will work closely with District administration, whose input and participation will be key to developing sustainable options. The committee will work with the administration to agree upon reasonable timeframes for receiving input, being cognizant of other District priorities.

    Target state:

    • Elementary facilities promote optimal student learning and do not limit planned programming

    Key question for the task force:

    • Which elementary school reconfigurations, boundary changes, or alternative solutions should the LOSD Board of Education consider to harmonize elementary programs, facilities, and productive learning based on guiding principles, the District strategic plan and the District’s decision-making model?

    Guiding principles include:

    • Elementary school homeroom classrooms (general education, dedicated special education, immersion) will operate at no more than 80% of maximum school capacity to allow for “bubble classes,” kindergarten overflow, speciality programing (e.g. 6th grade math classroom, Title I classroom, science lab)
    • Elementary special education K-5 strands (e.g. Delta, Pathways) will not require special education students to change elementary schools to continue within their strand
    • All elementary school spaces where learning will occur will have windows

    Task force members

    • One representative from each school catchment area including Uplands and Palisades
    • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion committee liaison
    • SSPAC liaison
    • Pre-K parent liaison
    • Ex-officio Board member
    • Executive Director of Elementary Programs
    • North-side principal
    • South-side principal
    • Community School Director or designee
    • District provided facilitator


    • Member application period: 10/30/18 to 11/9/18
    • Committee selection: 11/13/18
    • First committee meeting the week of November 26

    Committee inputs:

    • Space utilization study
    • Demographic study
    • Current enrollment
    • Number and size of homeroom classes by grade level
    • List of current and planned programming with number of participants
      • STEM
      • Immersion
    • Current boundary information
    • Planned student movement to support phase I of bond (Oak Creek to Uplands)
    • Pre-K, elementary and community input from Thoughtexchange, Town Hall meetings and SAC meetings on programming