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Into Social Studies

  • Education in the social sciences aims to help students develop as rational, humane and productive citizens in a democratic society. Four elements of social studies education are necessary to help develop such citizens-knowledge, skills, values and participation. Democratic values, such as freedom, equality and due process, are the core of our national experience. Students should be involved in the thoughtful examination of ideas, viewpoints.

Overview of Into Social Studies

  • Becoming a good citizen often starts at home, but the lessons extend to the classroom, where students connect with their community, their country, and beyond. Here, they begin to understand what it means to be a contributing member of society. 
    Into Social Studies is an engaging, flexible curriculum that marries nonfiction content with literacy goals, so students develop the strong contextual foundations they need to build knowledge and find their place in the world.  
    • Standards-based approach.
    • Monthly student magazines strengthen students' critical thinking and writing skills to support them as they develop into global thinkers and empower learners. 
    • Inquiry-based learning.
    • Hands-on activities.
    • Students experience growth in their understand and learning through lessons designed to invite discourse and foster community engagement.
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