LOSD Pool Planning Update: June, 27, 2019

District Pool Planning Process – October 3, 2018

  • LOSD staff continues to work through the process of developing a plan for the District pool.


    When the bond package was being developed in 2016, the School Board voted to include a $7 million dollar allocation to repair or replace the existing pool. Voters agreed with the Board’s strategy. The desire to have a larger pool to meet the needs of  students and community members, in addition to increasing construction costs, may require the financial participation of other groups and/or the use of the bond premium and/or other funding sources.

    The District has held discussions with City leaders. As of February 27, 2018, the Council voted not to partner with the District on the operations of a community pool at that time. With this information, and at the direction of the Board, staff have requested ballpark estimates for various size pools. The Board determined that the pool should be placed at the Lakeridge Junior High site. These events have provided LOSD valuable information in order to move the process forward. Dr. Musick has communicated to the Board that district programming should drive infrastructure and design decisions. The work that has been done since the passage of the bond has led to the following efforts.

    Current Efforts

    * The Board has directed staff that the pool will be sited at Lakeridge Junior High

    * The pool will be part of a master plan for the site which will be prepared by Mahlum Architects

    * The Superintendent's Pool Task Force will be convened in October and be led by Community School Director Morgan Rauch and Executive Director Lou Bailey. Staff will reach out to the community for participants and we expect a representative from the Lake Oswego Swim Club to be part of the process

    * The District is committed to building a pool that is efficient and that has a vetted business plan. Part of this plan will be the consideration of what the district needs, what private swim teams want, and what the community requests. Each of these pieces will be developed in the task force process

    * The task force results will inform the best path forward

    The District is excited to have an opportunity to help realize a substantial improved community asset. The path forward will become clearer as we develop a comprehensive plan for the pool's construction and operation. We will keep everyone informed.

Pool Task Force Information

  • link to Pool Task Force information