Our goal as a Diversity Council is to confront racism and all forms of bias, reinvent school culture, and foster a strong sense of belonging among all students, staff, and family at Lake Oswego High School.  

    We plan to accomplish this goal by:

    1. Making the invisible, visible, and by making representation of diversity of gender, race, sexual orientation, and neurodiversity a priority.  
    2. Promoting curriculum that reflects the broad, beautiful range of humanity in our classrooms.
    3. Equipping students with cultural fluency and empathetic understanding.
    4. Insisting that discriminatory behavior is dealt with swiftly and effectively.
    5. Advocating for the clear communication of the expectation of tolerant, respectful behavior by all the citizens of Lake Oswego High School.
    6. Teaching through compassionate conversation, modeling through respectful behavior, and by affirming support for diversity on all fronts.
    7. Celebrating and honoring the long continuum of culture, ensuring that all feel welcome and included in all aspects of school.

    We meet every other Wednesday in room 205 (Ms. Davis's room) after school from 3:30-4:00.  Also, there are weekly meetings on A days in Ms. Sanchez's room 117 during A day Support Seminar.
    Community members are welcome to attend.