River Grove Elementary DEI

  • Introduction

    The River Grove DEI Team was established during the 2017-18 school year.  The team met 1-2 times per month to begin examining our biases, assumptions, and positions related to racism, classism, sexisim, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability, home language, and other forms of oppression.  We are working to build capacity to address equity issues and disparities for diverse groups in our community. Our hope and belief is that we can build a guiding coalition around issues involving diversity, equity, and inclusion at River Grove.  We believe the key principles of this work can be woven into the everyday fabric of our lives and interactions at school.


    • At the School Board level:
    • At the District level:
      • The first LOSD Equity Learning Leadership Team was established in 17-18.
      • Administrators completed training with the National Equity Project.
      • November 2017 Professional Development (PD) provided multiple sessions about inclusion, gender identity & gender expression, microaggressions, and nonviolent communication for building empathy.
      • Nationally-known keynote speaker on inclusion and achievement of historically underserved  students at November PD 2017 - Dr. Anthony Muhammad.
      • The district hired a Director of DEI to collaborate with all ten schools.
      • The district promoted a “Speak up at School” day (5/29/18) at all schools using resources from Teaching Tolerance.
      • Cultural fairs and celebrations have been held at schools, including Mexican Culture Week at River Grove (16-17), Japanese Culture Week & Zen Night at River Grove (17-18), South African Culture Fair at Forest Hills, and Culture Celebration Night at Oak Creek.
      • Schools have collaborated on their DEI work, and there was a joint meeting between River Grove and Oak Creek (LOSD’s two Title I schools) in 17-18.
      • Human Resources has engaged with schools about future trainings involving the recruitment and mentoring of new teachers and staff.  
      • The district has begun using an “equity lens” in all budgeting and curricular decisions.
      • Equitable access (1:1) to technology for elementary schools will begin in 18-19 (iPads for K-2, Chromebooks for 3-5).
    • At the Community level:
      • A visit to the Museum of Tolerance by officials from the City of Lake Oswego, Lake Oswego Police Department, and Lake Oswego School District.
      • The LO for LOve multicultural book drive provided resources for elementary schools.
      • Respond to Racism has provided support and coordination with the wider community.
      • “Peace Circles” were facilitated by John Lenssen to gather the community and develop responses and solutions to incidents at schools.

    River Grove School Level DEI Goals & Action Steps

    • Goal 1: Review student, staff, and parent school culture surveys and complete a cause & effect diagram to better understand our school-level DEI mission.
    • Goal 2: Create a theme for the 18-19 school year (perhaps having to do with “Self-Worth” and/or “Belonging”) and strategically schedule Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) time to promote the theme each day.  Possible topics/approaches to SEL time may include:
    • Goal 3: Identify appropriate resources and professional development to be used at the school-level.
    • Goal 4: Secure guest speakers and readers to help guide DEI lessons with students (lessons to be vetted through our DEI Team).
    • Goal 5: Conduct a review of our curriculum materials to ensure that a wide range of cultures and perspectives are represented.