Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Advisory Committee Charter



    Our mission is to be an inclusive and safe learning community with challenging opportunities that develop lifelong learners and contributing world citizens.


    On March 12, 2018, the Lake Oswego School Board issued a draft resolution to create a standing committee on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.  Issues of diversity, equity and inclusion are the top priority for the Lake Oswego School District as identified as Goal 1 of the Strategic Plan.  The community should be leveraged as an ally in this work.

    Committee Charge:

    The Committee will provide a platform for the community to come together to assemble recommendations for the Lake Oswego School Board to adopt a Five-Year Equity Plan for the Lake Oswego School District.  They will be charged with helping to shape policy in regards to equity and inclusion to which they will advise the School Board.

    Elements within the Five-Year Equity Plan that should be considered may include:

    • Examine data and best practices from peer school districts
    • Audit district policies with an equity lens
    • Assess and recommend consistent policies regarding diversity, equity and inclusion
    • Assess and highlight best practices for embedding equity into curriculum and practice
    • Highlight and award community members, students, or staff who are doing exceptional work in these efforts
    • Provide engaging partnerships with the community
    • Assess strategy for staff hiring and on-boarding through an equity lens

    Committee Membership:

    The Lake Oswego School Board will create a standing committee focused on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.  Committee membership will be offered, but not limited to, representation by the student body, representative of teaching faculty, representative of the classified employees, representatives of the district administration, parent representation and community representatives.  We have 22 members on the advisory committee.  They will be working under the direction of the Director of Equity & Strategic Initiatives and the Liaison from the Lake Oswego School Board, as well as the Executive Director of Secondary Schools and Assistant Superintendent who will provide oversight.

    Meeting Dates:

    • The Committee will meet monthly or as requested by the Committee Chair, School Board or District Staff.
    • Committee meetings are advisory and not related to formal decision-making by the Lake Oswego School Board.  Committee meetings may, at the discretion of the committee, include opportunity for public comment.
    • The Director of Equity & Strategic Initiatives and Director of Communications will provide support and staffing to the Committee.
    • The Lake Oswego School District staff will provide necessary technical and administrative assistance as follows:
      1. A meeting room, including any necessary audio/visual equipment;
      2. Preparation and copies of any documentation, such as agendas and reports; and distribution of those materials to the committee in a timely manner;
      3. Preparation of Committee meeting minutes and posting for public viewing and use on the Lake Oswego School District website;
      4. Some Lake Oswego School District staff will attend Committee meetings in order to report on the status of the committee.

    Terms of Office:

    1. A term of appointment shall be two years.  Committee advisory members shall serve no more than two consecutive terms.
    2. Individuals who have served less than one year as an appointee to fill the unexpired term for an individual who has resigned, moved from the area, dropped because of irregular attendance, etc., shall be eligible for an appointment to a full term.  Individuals may not serve on more than one advisory committee at the same time.
    3. The membership year shall be July 1 through June 30 of the following year.