• Select and Obtain an Instrument


    It's so exciting to choose your instrument and get started playing!  Here is some information to help you in your search. 

    Select an instrument: Choose either violin, viola, cello, or upright bass.


    Visit the LOSD String Page and listen to our teachers demonstrate music you will learn next year!


    Obtain an instrument:

    Your child's success on an instrument is greatly affected by the quality of the instrument. By renting an instrument, you can obtain a higher quality instrument in fractional (smaller) sizes, which they will eventually grow out of and then be replaced by the next size up.  Rental programs should also include repair and maintenance.  Shop around and ask for specifics.

    • Please refrain from purchasing an instrument or using a 3/4 or full size (4/4) instrument, as these instruments will most likely be too large for a 4th or 5th grader.
      • Those that own instruments are required to pay for any repairs and maintenance needed (replacement strings, broken instrument, etc.). 
      • An inferior instrument almost always results in unhappy players, as the instruments are difficult to play and tune.
      • Fine tuners (4 screw-like pieces) should be on the instrument's tailpiece and easily turned.  If they are not able to be turned, please ask for a different instrument.
    • Visit with local specialists to compare quality and rental programs. This would be a fun summer activity, and if your child is part of the discussion of the financial commitment, they are more likely to care for it and practice more as well. :-)
    • Connect with metro area music stores as soon as possible to reserve an instrument rental for your child. Don't delay!  Stores may not have instruments in stock if you wait until mid-September.
    • Bring your child to the store with you for sizing. We encourage you to call first to make sure someone skilled is available at your visit to measure them.

    Visit our webpage for stores to visit (https://www.losdschools.org/Page/5275)

    Scholarship Instruments: The LOSD does have some scholarship instruments available for students in need. Please contact the program coordinators for requirements and assistance.

    Make sure you have all accessories (some may need to be purchased): 

    • Rosin
    • Sponge (Violins and Violas)
    • Bow
    • Rock-stop (cello and bass)

    Bring your instrument to the first day of class if you have it by then! :-)

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