Who We Are

  • Lake Oswego School District is home to 7,000 students and 700 staff members. The district is rated as one of the Best School Districts in America 2018 by Niche. Our mission is to be an inclusive and safe learning community with challenging opportunities that develop lifelong learners and contributing world citizens.

    Lake Oswego School District staff are dedicated professionals who are passionate about what they do. They “touch the future,” as Christa McAuliffe once said.

    In 2014, we collectively committed ourselves to having 100% of our students graduate. In 2018, we achieved 93.1%, with large gains for our students of color and for our students with economic and special needs challenges. This has been a purposeful process of identifying students who need enrichment or support and crafting an iterative process for implementing interventions in order to ensure each student’s success.

    Through the implementation of Professional Learning Communities for our teachers, site visits by administrators, and Response to Instruction strategies for our students, we are able to identify students of concern early in order to help them craft a plan for success. In addition, with guidance from Coaching Peace and other organziations, we are doing the deep, reflective work of identifying our personal biases so we can forge authentic learning partnerships with every student. This is the cornerstone to culturally responsive teaching; it is how we advance equitable opportunities and educational experiences for all.

    These, along with other initiatives, have brought us closer to our graduation goal. But, more importantly, our staff members are creating meaningful relationships with students so students feel welcomed and supported. With authentic learning partnerships comes the ability to assist each other in our own growth, and through these experiences we are truly better together.

    District Accomplishments

    2017-2018 4-year Graduation rate: 93.1%

    2017-2018 Composite ACT score for Lakeridge HS: 26.7

    2017-2018 Composite ACT score for Lake Oswego HS: 27.6

    2017-2018 Composite ACT score for Oregon: 21.3

    2017-2018 Composite ACT score for U.S: 20.8

    District Demographics (2017/2018)

    White 73%

    Asian 10%

    Multiracial 8%

    Latino/Latina 6%

    Other 1% (African American, Pacific Islander, American Indian)

    Special Needs 10.6%

    Economically Disadvantaged 6.9%

    Emerging Bilingual 1.8%

    Talented & Gifted (TAG) 15.2%