• Snow Day Procedures

    As we approach winter, we’ve implemented new procedures to ensure the safety of our students and staff. Please review and hang this information on your refrigerator.

    If your parent contact information has changed since August, when registration forms were turned in, please contact your school's secretary to update that information as soon as possible.

    Parents will receive closure or delay information several different ways including: text message, email, push notification through the LOSD app, website alert, automated phone call, Twitter, and local television and radio stations. You can find more information on the website as to how we communicate this information. Please download the Lake Oswego Schools app to get the latest information. Staff will receive an automated phone call. 

    Snow day decisions will be made by 6 a.m. the day of the event. If there is a delay to the start of school, then it would be a 2-hour delay.

    We will be using snow routes for the first time this year. You can find them here. Please review this information ahead of time. The decision to use snow routes will be made the morning of a snow event.

    In the event that snow routes are used, Hallinan bus 11 riders will need to go to the nearest snow route bus stop. There will not be a bus 11 route on snow days. Please visit the Hallinan Snow Route link for detailed information.

    If parents believe conditions in their area make it unsafe for students to travel to school, the district will support their decision to keep their child(ren) at home.

    There are many factors that go into the decision to delay the start school or to cancel school. We appreciate your support and we are very sensitive to issues that may arise from changes in schedules due to weather events. Weather event decisions will impact our usual programming the following ways:

    Extended Day Program

    On days requiring a late start, the Extended Day Program will be not be available in the morning. We understand the difficulties that this policy may cause families, however, it will ensure student and staff safety. Thank you very much for your understanding.

    • If schools are closed, Extended Day is closed

    • If schools close early, Extended Day closes at the early closure time

    Preschool & Pre-K Program

    • If schools are closed, Preschool and PreK are closed

    • If schools are delayed by two hours, Preschool begins two hours later

    • If schools are delayed by two hours, PreK will begins two hours later

    Community School

    • If schools close early, there are no Community School activities, no Strings, and no Orchestra

    • If schools close early, all sports and activities will be cancelled

    Breakfast Service at Schools

    In the event that schools are delayed 2-hours, breakfast service is cancelled.


    In the event that schools are closed, all OSAA sports programs will be cancelled.

    Board Meetings

    In the event that schools are closed, board meetings will not be held. 

    High School Class Days - A/B Schedule

    Both high schools will use the following guidelines for inclement weather situations:

    • If there is inclement weather on an A day, the day we return will be an 8-period day. The following day we will return to our regular calendar schedule

    • If there is inclement weather on a B day, the day we return will be a B day and the 2nd day back will be an 8-period day. The following day we will return to our regular calendar schedule

    This corrects the A/B schedule as quickly as possible.