2020 AP Exam Alternate Week Rescheduling

  • College Board provides an Alternate Week of exams in the event of a conflict with the Regular weeks of testing.

    What is the fee to reschedule?

    Under most circumstances, there is a non-refundable $40-per-exam fee to reschedule an exam to the alternate week of testing (the week following the regular exam weeks). This fee is waived* if the conflict is due to:

    • Two exams taking place on the same day and time.
    • Two exams, back-to-back (AM-PM) at separate/distant locations, such that a student cannot reasonably be expected to attend the second exam punctually.
    • An academic or athletic contest/event. (Added by College Board in 2018-19.)

    The waiver only applies if the student completes the exam; students who order an Alternate Exam under one of these waivered terms, but does not sit it, for any reason, will retroactively incur the $40 fee, since the school will have already ordered the exam.

    What is the process to reschedule?

    Students who wish to reschedule their exam, or even to look into the possibility of doing so, are encouraged to review the Alternate Week test schedule below to ensure they don’t also have a conflict with the alternate date. If you are available to test the Alternate Week, email your school’s Advanced Placement Coordinator as soon as possible.

  • Further Instructions

    Email the Advanced Placement Coordinator the following information:

    1. Student’s full name, high school, and grade.

    2. Name of Advanced Placement Exam to be rescheduled.

    3. Reason for rescheduling (sports conflict, State Orchestra event, Advanced Placement-to-Advanced Placement conflict, etc.) If the reason is an Advanced Placement-to-Advanced Placement conflict, please note both exams in the email. If you have a preference for which of the two to reschedule, please indicate your preference; however, know that the Advanced Placement Coordinator makes the final decision regarding which of the two Exams are delayed to the Alternate Week.

    1. Verify your understanding as to whether the conflict falls within the $40-added-fee or no-added-fee definition (top of page).

    • The Coordinator may have additional clarifying questions, therefore do not delay this email process.

    • Once the Coordinator has all the information needed to complete your request, you will receive a confirmation email, which will include any additional advice/instructions.

    • If a fee is incurred, understand that your Alternate Exam will not be ordered until the non-refundable Alternate fee is paid to the Bookkeeper (cash or check payable to Lakeridge High School). Payment must be submitted to the Bookkeeper by 9:00 a.m., May 15, or your test will NOT be ordered and you will receive NO refund for the unused Regular-Week Exam (which you paid for and was ordered in October). However, do not submit payment until you receive the Advanced Placement Coordinator’s confirming email.

    • All Alternate Exam transactions are FINAL. There are no refunds of either the regular exam fee or of the additional alternate fee once payment is submitted, regardless of circumstance.

    • Reminder: Students who receive an Alternate exam fee waiver, the waiver ONLY applies if the test is taken.​ If a student fails to show/cancels for any reason, the $40 fee will retroactively be charged.

    Therefore, do not order an Alternate Exam unless you are sure you want/need/will be able to sit the exam.

    Questions?  Contact Lois Moll, Lakeridge High School Advanced Placement Coordinator, molll@loswego.k12.or.us