Associated Student Body

  • Associated Student Body consists of:

    ASB Officers 2018-2019

    Elijah Rowland - President

    Erica Chiang - Vice President

    Sera Lew - Secretary

    Matthew Seeley - Treasurer

    Jonah Evonuk - Activities Director

    Kyle Langford - Publicities Director

    Trevor Li - Clubs & Committees

    Ben LaFond - Assemblies Director

    Lucas Carson - Videographer

    Emma Winter - Unity Director

    Phoebe Walsh - Marketing Director

    Class Officers

    Senior Class (Class of 2019)

    Peter Di Re - President

    Maggie Stathis - Vice President

    Meaghan Andersen - Secretary

    David Regan - Treasurer

    Terry Langford - Activities Director

    Cameron Peddie - Activities Director


    Junior Class (Class of 2020)

    Alicia Lopez - President

    Julia Woolf - Vice President

    Barton Zhuang - Secretary

    Mitchell Weiss - Treasurer

    Conor Mehaffey - Activities Director

    Diyar Dezay - Publicities Director


    Sophomore Class (Class of 2021)

    Calvin Williams - President

    Cole - Vice President

    Cassidy Miller - Secretary

    Clark Jones - Treasurer

    Cameron Iizuka - Activities Director

    Lauren Davis - Publicities Director


    Freshman Class (Class of 2022)

    Sameer Khan - President

    Stephen Lines - Vice President

    Ji Reichle - Secretary

    Emma Chang - Treasurer

    Sage Crawford - Activities Director

    Logan Ducker - Publicities Director


    Senate -The student Senate is the representative group of the student body. The Senate with the student cabinet, proposes all legislation, passes laws and approves matters of student government.

    Senate Meeting Minutes


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