To select volunteer options, CLICK HERE and choose the SIGN UP tab after you log into River Grove Elementary on myschoolanywhere.com

    After you select your volunteer interests on myschoolanywhere.com, our volunteer coordinators will contact you with more information.

    Our PTO provides many avenues for volunteer work. River Grove's friendly, strong community is dependent on our family volunteers. Whether you've got five minutes or five hours or five days, we've got the right opportunity for you. We need volunteers throughout the year. If you don't have time now, don't worry! State your interests on the myschoolanywhere,com SIGN UP tab and we will contact you as the time approaches.

    Please update or add your information on myschoolanywhere.com. From there, you can hit the SIGN UP tab and be notified via email regarding the opportunities that interest you most.

    River Grove Elementary is an active community and there are loads of new volunteer opportunities along with some familiar events too!