Early Admission Information

  • To be considered for early admission into kindergarten, a child must be five (5) years old on or between September 2 and September 15.

    ln addition, early admission candidates must be assessed and pass the approval process before registering for kindergarten. Approved early admission students will be placed at the end of the applicant list for placement in their resident school and are not included in the lottery process.  

    Children with birthdays after September 15th of the school year are not eligible for enrollment or early admission consideration. See "Early Entrance" in the LOSD Policy Manual.

    Parents/guardians are asked to fully consider all aspects of their child’s development in completing the checklist and application for early admission. It is important to remember that your child will be among the youngest students in class throughout their school career. This makes it necessary for you to carefully consider the possible ramifications of having your child enter kindergarten early, not only for the coming year but also for how this may impact your child in later school years. Children entering under the Early Entrance process will need to consistently demonstrate ability beyond age expectations in the areas of emotional and social maturity, as well as intellectual and physical performance.

    The application forms for early entrance to kindergarten are available at each elementary school and on the District website here. Once the application, parent/guardian questionnaire, and teacher questionnaire (if applicable) have been received, contact will be made to schedule an assessment appointment. Applications will be accepted beginning on Wednesday, January 18, 2023.

    The Kindergarten Early Entrance Evaluation Application deadline is July 1.

    For early admission questions, please contact Lisa Oliva at lisa.oliva@loswego.k12.or.us.