Graduation Requirements

  • Students will work towards a Lake Oswego Diploma. Listed below are the requirements for this diploma. Requirements are defined by units of credit. Passing a yearlong course earns one (1) unit of credit; passing a semester course earns a half (.5) unit of credit.

    During the four years of high school a student must earn 25 credits. Students in junior high enrolled in math courses in Algebra or higher will receive high school math credit; however, students are required to earn three (3) credits of math in grades 9-12 to earn a district diploma.

    Students taking a year-long high school level world language course at an LOSD junior high may count it as one of the two years of the required World Language requirement. The language class will be automatically applied to the student’s transcript as a World Language credit.

    Students transferring from a junior high or middle school outside the Lake Oswego School District must complete and submit appropriate paperwork to have their math and language coursework applied to their high school transcript. Only high school equivalent courses will be eligible.

    Credits required in each subject area are as follows:

    Subject Area

    Number of Credits Needed

    Fine Arts

    1 credit (.5 recommended by end of grade 10)


    .5 credit in grade 9


    4 credits


    1 credit (.5 credit in grade 9 or 10 and .5 credit in grade 11 or 12)


    3 credits

    Physical Education

    1 credit (.5 credit in grade 9 or 10 and .5 credit during remaining years)


    3 credits

    Social Studies

    3 credits

    World Language

    2 credits (1 credit may transfer from junior high)


    6.5 credits


    25 CREDITS