Art Literacy

  • Each month, students explore a different artist in a historical context. Students also practice art forms such as sculpture, painting, and drawing. Principles of art such as line, form, and color are the basis of each lesson. The program is run by our family volunteers at River Grove Elementary. 

    May Artist:

    Norman Rockwell - American Author, Painter, Illustrator

    To run the presentation click on the link that applies to your class.  The slideshow will open. Click on the "PRESENT" button in the top right corner to start the presentation.

    Rockwell Presentation K-2

    Rockwell Presentation 3-5

    Norman Rockwell Documentary (length 1 hr 30 min) Click Here

    For a copy of the presentation notes please go to the district site.  Link and password are listed below.


    Password: volunteer4loartlit

    Printable Project Instructions: Rockwell Project Instructions

    Printable Blank Project Sheet: Blank Project Sheet

    Note: Scroll to the bottom of the page to find previous presentations.


    Student Portfolios

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