General Information & Terms of Agreement

  • To ensure a safe and successful event for your program, please make certain that all participants in your group adhere to the rules below.  Please familiarize yourself with the District Terms of Agreement and Cancellation Policy.

    Reservation info:

    • To reserve a Facility, complete the online Facility Use Application, submit a Certificate of Liability Insurance, listing Lake Oswego School District as additional insured, and submit proper payment.
    • Approval is not complete until you have received written or electronic confirmation of your reservation and we have received payment and a certificate of insurance.  
    • School events/activities always have priority for Facility Use.

    District Policy:

    • No alcoholic beverages or smoking/tobacco products are allowed on, or in, any district property. This includes parking lots and fields.
    • No food or beverage (other than water) may be consumed in gyms throughout the district.
    • No use of firearms, fire pits, indoor barbecues, candles, fog machines, balloons or fireworks may be used on School District property.
    • Park in designated parking lot areas only. Violators will be towed at owner’s expense.
    • Facility monitors or custodians must be present at all non-District events for safety and security reasons; fees will be accessed for this service.

    Facility Use Guidelines:

    • All trash is to be cleaned up and disposed of at the completion of each event
    • Only non-marking soled shoes may be worn during gym activities.
    • Restrooms are not always provided for outdoor events.
    • Youth athletes are to be under supervision of their coach at all times.
    • When the District is closed for any reason, including inclement weather, all Facility Use is cancelled.  If the District closes on a Friday, all weekend use is also cancelled.

    Non-compliance with the rules which govern Facility Use in the Lake Oswego School District may terminate current permits or may influence future requests being granted.



Facility Use Terms of Agreement

  • Terms of Agreement

    The DISTRICT agrees to provide the facilities listed on this request.   It is further agreed that said facilities will be in reasonable working order.

    The USER agrees to the following:

    • To observe all federal and state laws, policies of the DISTRICT (a copy of which is available for review upon request) and regulations of the Superintendent or principal of the school where the premises to be rented are located.
    • To permit no smoking or other uses of tobacco products, alcoholic beverages or other controlled substances on DISTRICT property.
    • To hold the DISTRICT harmless for any malfunction, injury, liability, or property damage incurred by person or persons using DISTRICT facilities.
    • To make restitution for any damage incurred during use of the facility.
    • To certify that the organization has an open membership and complies with all federal, state and municipal equal opportunity laws and regulations regarding discrimination.
    • That all classifications requiring any additional custodial work will be charged.  The facility user is required to leave the premises in condition found or better.  School district facilities are currently being maintained with a significant reduction in the custodial work force. It is important that every individual help to maintain our community resources.
    • Applicants agree that the use of the facilities and this application shall be revocable by the DISTRICT at any time.
    • INSURANCE:  A copy of Certificate of Insurance must be on file at site and at the Community School office.
    • A 50% deposit is required to reserve space for this request.  Please make checks payable to Lake Oswego School District Community School, PO Box 70, Lake Oswego, OR 97034.  Final payment for facility rentals must be provided no later than 5 business days prior to the event.

    The applicant’s proposed activities are covered by liability insurance policy in a minimum amount of $1,000,000. A certificate of insurance with endorsement naming Lake Oswego School District as additional insured must be provided by the undersigned to the District prior to any use.

    Cancellation Clause

    The following fee(s) will be assessed for all user initiated cancellations:

    10% ($25 minimum) - on or before 15 days prior to the scheduled event
    25% ($50 minimum) - between 14 -10 days prior to the scheduled event
    50% ($75 minimum) - between 9 - 5 days prior to the scheduled event
    100% - No refunds will be processed for events cancelled 4 days or less prior to the scheduled event.

    • The cancellation fee does not apply if the district cancels the event, which may include inclement weather.
    • Technical Fees will not be reimbursed for User initiated cancellations occurring 15 days or less before the first scheduled event date.