• Lakeridge Junior High School Parent Club
    4700 SW Jean Road
    Lake Oswego, Oregon 97035
    (Revised November 2014)

    Article 1 – Name
    The name of the organization shall be the Lakeridge Junior High School Parent Club, hereafter referred to as Parent Club.  Its duration shall be perpetual.

    Article II – Purpose and Policies

    Section 1 Purpose
    The purpose of the Parent Club shall be to support any and all activities related to Lakeridge Junior High School and its related student body.  The function of the Parent Club organization shall be educational, charitable, cultural and social and be developed through standing committees, fundraising events and Parent Club meetings.  The goal of Parent Club fundraising is to provide an enriching school experience for Lakeridge Junior High School students.

    The Parent Club shall be responsible for the implementation and completion of these activities and support as further described in Articles V and VI.

    Section 2 Policies
     A.   The Parent Club functions as an IRS Non-Profit 501(c)(3) organization in accordance with the “Articles of Organization of the Parent Club”.
     B.   The Parent Club shall be non-commercial, non-sectarian and non-partisan. These enterprises shall not be endorsed by it or by individual members using their titles, in their official capacity, to represent the Board.
     C.  The Parent Club may participate with other organizations and agencies that benefit our children, provided that participants only make commitment with prior approval from the Executive Board.
     D.  The Parent Club shall not seek to direct the administrative activities of the school or to control the policies.  Individual members shall not use their official capacity or titles to suggest they represent the Board.
     E.   The names of the members of the Parent Club shall not be given out for non-school related business or commercial purposes.

    Article III - Membership
    Membership in the Parent Club shall be open to any and all parents and legal guardians of Lakeridge Junior High School students who wish to act in the best interest of Lakeridge Junior High School.

    Article IV - Dues

    Section 1
    Dues for annual membership per family shall be set by the Parent Club Board.  One payment of dues provides one vote for Parent Club voting purposes.

    Section 2
    The annual dues for the succeeding school year shall be determined by the Parent Club Board at the final meeting of the school year.  The membership year shall be from September 1 through August 31.  An annual enrollment of members shall be conducted with additional members accepted at any time.

    Article V - Executive Board/Officers and  Duties

    Section 1

    The Officers of the Parent Club shall consist of:
    A.   President or Co-Presidents
    B.   Vice President (President Elect)
    C.  Secretary
    D.  Treasurer
    E.   Assistant Treasurer (Treasurer Elect) 
    F.   Volunteer Coordinator Chair
    G.   Fundraising Coordinator

    Section 2

    These Officers shall constitute the Executive Board, which shall conduct necessary business between regular Board meetings if needed.  A minimum of three officers must be present at an Executive Board meeting in order to constitute a quorum and a majority of those present rules.  The Executive Board may make minor financial decisions up to $500, as deemed necessary between monthly General Board meetings.  The Executive Board may conduct business via email provided all members vote on the issue to be decided.  These financial decisions will be reported at the next general meeting.

    Section 3

    No officers shall serve for more than two consecutive years in the same position.

    Article VI - Duties of Officers

    Section 1 The President shall:

    A.   Preside at all meetings of the Parent Club Board and Executive Committee.
    B.   Appoint committees as needed, subject to the approval of the Board, and shall serve as a voting ex-officio member of all committees, except the Nominating Committee.
    C.  Serve on the Budget Committee and the Wish List Committee.
    D.  Approve Parent Club Board and Executive Committee meeting minutes via e-mail within 5 days of receipt from Secretary.

    Section 2 The Vice President shall:

    A.   Preside in the absence of the President, and in the event of the inability of the President to serve, shall succeed him or her as President.
    B.   Become President in the following school year.  She or he will not stand for election.
    C.  Chair the Nominating Committee and the Bylaws Review Committee and serve on the Budget Committee.
    D.  Approve Parent Club Board and Executive Committee meeting minutes via e-mail within 5 days of receipt from Secretary.

    Section 3 The Secretary shall:

    A.   Record the minutes of all meeting of the Parent Club Board and Executive Committee, and maintain a permanent record thereof.  The Board minutes shall include the attendance
    B.   Record attendance at all Parent Club meetings.
    C.  Send, via e-mail, minutes of meetings to all Board members in attendance and post general meeting minutes on the Parent Club web page within 5 days following the meeting.
    D.  Send out an electronic newsletter to members, the frequency being no less than bi-weekly. The newsletter shall include information on upcoming meetings, fundraising events, notice of elections, and budget reviews.
    E.   Send all Executive Committee minutes to Executive Committee members within 5 days following an Executive Committee meeting.  Post the Executive Committee meeting minutes on the Parent Club web page within 10 days after the meeting during the school year and include minutes of any meeting conducted over the summer in the first newsletter of the year.
    F.   Notify all members of the Parent Club as to the date, time and place of all meetings of the Parent Club Board.  This notification must be published at least one week prior to the meeting date. This will ensure that all existing members and potential members have the opportunity to be present at the meeting
    G.  Make available for approval minutes of the preceding parent club meeting to all attendees of the current Parent Club meeting.
    H.  Provide the executive committee members with a current copy of the bylaws at the first meeting of the year.
          1. In the event of voting by ballot, distribute, collect and count all ballots.  The Secretary will choose up to three other Board members to assist in counting ballots.
    J. Oversee membership enrollment.

    Section 4 The Treasurer shall:

    A.   In a regular and timely manner:
          1. Keep an accurate and thorough accounting of all receipts and expenditures, and reconcile the monthly bank statements.
          2. Pay all bills and reimbursement requests submitted by Parent Club members duly authorized by the Board.
          3. Submit a current financial report including a narrative, income statement and balance sheet to the Parent Club Board at each meeting.
          4. Create reports in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, and any ad hoc report requested by Board members.
          5. Post the monthly Treasurer’s report on the Parent Club web page following the regular Board meeting at which it has been submitted.
    B.   Delegate duties to the Assistant Treasurer as follows:
          1. The Assistant Treasurer shall assist the Treasurer as needed.
    C.  Fiscal Year End Reports
         1. The Treasurer will prepare an annual statement of condition following the close of the fiscal year.
         2. The incoming Treasurer will present the annual fiscal year end statement at the first scheduled Parent Club meeting of the year.
    D.  At Tax Reporting Time
         1. Electronically file tax returns if the gross receipts are under the IRS “certain threshold” amount.  File applicable forms if gross receipts are above the designated “certain threshold” amount.
         2. Review and submit completed tax returns.
    E.   Budget Committee
          1. The Treasurer will serve on the Budget Committee.
    F.   Banking
         1. The Treasurer will disburse all funds by checks signed by two (2) of the following persons:  the President, Treasurer, Vice President and Secretary.  No single check may be signed by two members of the same household.  Co-officers do not constitute separate officers for the purpose of this section.
         2. At the beginning of the fiscal year the outgoing Treasurer will contact the designated financial institution and have signature cards created for the President, incoming Treasurer, Vice President and Secretary.
         3. The Treasurer will ensure that bank accounts are setup in such a way as to prevent any individual officer of the Parent Club from withdrawing money from the account, either electronically or in person, without the signature of another approved officer.
    G.  Approve Parent Club Board and Executive Committee meeting minutes via e-mail within 5 days of receipt from Secretary.

     Section 5 The Assistant Treasurer shall:

    A.   Act as an aide to the Treasurer.
    B.   Perform the duties of the Treasurer in the absence of that officer.
    C.  Succeed to the office of the Treasurer the following year.  She or he will not stand for election.
    D.  Approve Parent Club Board and Executive Committee meeting minutes via e-mail within 5 days of receipt from Secretary.

    Section 6 The Volunteer Coordinator Chairperson shall:

    1. Approve Parent Club Board and Executive Committee meeting minutes via e-mail within 5 days of receipt from Secretary.
    2. Oversee the collection of volunteer information and distribution of said information to subcommittees in need of volunteer staff.
    3. Oversee the distribution of Parent Club information through marketing materials and virtual outlets, like social media and websites.

    Section 7 The Fundraising Coordinator Chairperson shall:

    A.   Oversee all fundraising activities of the Parent Club.
    B.   Create and submit yearly calendar of fundraising events by the first meeting in September.
    C.  Serve on the Budget Committee.
    D.  Oversee the process of developing a priority list
    (wish list) for expenditure of Parent Club Funds with the Parent Club executive board and the principal.  This will be done with input from standing committee chairpersons, the principal, and attending members of Parent Club meetings. An initial list must be presented to the Parent Club no later than the second meeting of the school year.  A revised list with recommendations shall be presented to the Parent Club following major fundraising events.

    Article VII - Parent Club Board
    A.   The Parent Club Board shall consist of the Officers (Article V) and Chairpeople of the Standing committees.  The Parent Club may also establish additional board positions as needed to conduct the business of the Parent Club, and club members elected to such           positions shall also be members of the board.  The Lakeridge Junior High School Principal and Faculty Representative shall serve as non-voting advisors to the Board.  The Parent Club Board shall be the governing body of the Parent Club and shall have general           charge of the club’s affairs.
    B.   The term of the Board shall be from July 1 of one year through June 30 of the following year and shall coincide with the Parent Club’s fiscal year.
    C.  All Parent Club Board members shall maintain a description on the Parent Club web page including: job description, record of activities, and pertinent information to be reviewed in person with their successor no later than June 30th.

    Article VIII - Meetings

    Section 1

    The Parent Club Board shall meet monthly during the school year or as determined by the Board.  The Board will transact business of the Parent Club at these meetings.  All such meetings of the Parent Club Board will be open to all members of the Parent Club, regardless of whether they hold positions as board members.  Special meetings may be called by the President, or at the request of the three members of the Board.

    Article IX - Voting and Quorums

    Section 1 All Parent Club Board meetings

    Any paying member in attendance at a Parent Club meeting may vote.  At least three officers and five board members must be present in order to constitute a quorum of the Parent Club Board.  A simple majority of those in attendance rules, except for changes to the Bylaws (see Article X, Section 2).  All votes may be by voice, unless the President or any other Board member, calls for voting by ballot.

    Section 2 Executive Committee meetings

    A quorum at an Executive Committee meeting consists of at least three of the officers in office immediately before the meeting occurs.  A simple majority of those in attendance rules.

    Article X - Bylaw Revisions

    Section 1

    Bylaws shall be reviewed annually by a committee chaired by the Vice President.  This review shall be completed prior to the February Parent Club meeting.  A minimum of three members from the Board shall be appointed by the Vice President to comprise the committee.

    Section 2

    These Bylaws may be amended at any regular meeting of the Parent Club Board by a vote of two-thirds of the Board members present, providing that the proposed amendment has been placed in writing and read to the Board at its previous regular meeting.  After the proposed amendment is read the Secretary shall notify the Board in writing, not later than 10 days prior to the meeting that a vote will be taken on the amendment at the next regularly scheduled meeting.

    Article XI - General Provisions

    Section 1

    No committee or member of the Parent Club or its interest groups may directly or indirectly obligate the club or interest group for any financial responsibility without prior Board authorization.

    Section 2

    The rules contained in “Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised” shall govern the Parent Club in all cases where they are applicable and when they are consistent with these bylaws.  Parent Club Board Bylaws supersede “Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised”.

    Article XII - Finances

    Section 1

    The fiscal year of the Parent Club shall be from July 1 to June 30 of each year.

    Section 2

    A Budget Committee consisting of the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Volunteer Coordinator Chairperson shall meet prior to the start of the school year to establish a budget.  The budget shall be presented for Board approval at the first scheduled Parent Club meeting of the school year.

    Section 3

    An audit committee consisting of two members shall be appointed by the President to audit all financial accounts of the Parent Club.  The audit shall be completed by July 31 of each year.  The following members shall be excluded from the audit committee:  President, Vice President, Treasurer, Eighth Grade Celebration Committee, Auction Committee and Volunteer Coordinator Chairperson.  This Committee shall be appointed prior to the last regularly scheduled meeting of the Parent Club.  A report of their findings shall be presented at the first scheduled Parent Club meeting of the school year.

    Section 4

    All bank accounts of the Parent Club shall be maintained at an insured banking institution or credit union by the Board Officers at the first meeting of each school year.

    Article XIII - Nominating Committee

    Section 1

    The Nominating Committee shall consist of no less than two members appointed by the President with the approval of the Executive Board.  The Vice President shall chair this committee.

    Section 2

    The Nominating Committee shall select and submit nominees to the Parent Club for each officer and standing committees so that the election may be held at the spring meeting of the Parent Board.

    Section 3

    Prior to selecting its nominees, the Committee shall cause to be published a notice to all sixth and seventh grade parents, inviting them to volunteer for these positions.  Said notification must be completed by the end of February.

    Article XIV - Election of Officers and Board Members
    The officers and Board positions listed in Article V and VI, excepting the President who shall be the previous year Vice President and the Treasurer who shall be the previous year Assistant Treasurer, shall be elected at an open election held during the Spring Parent Club meeting.  Candidates for the elected positions, excepting the President and Treasurer, shall include the nominations submitted by the Nominating Committee as well as nominations made from the floor during the meeting of the Parent Club.

    Article XV - Replacement of Officers or Board Members

    Section 1

    In the event of the resignation, or inability of any Officer or Board member to serve in his or her respective position or for the term of office, the President shall appoint another member of the organization to fill the unexpired term, subject to approval by the Board.

    Article XVI - Replacement of Officers or Board Members

    In the event of the dissolution of the Parent Club, all assets shall be donated to other parent teacher associations or to the Lake Oswego, Oregon School District as directed by a majority of the members present at a regular meeting for one or more exempt purposes within the meaning of section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or the corresponding section of any future federal tax code.