• What is the "PTSO"?
    PTSO stands for “Parent Teacher Student Organization.” Other schools might go by “PTO”, and even some are plainly referred to as the “Mom’s and Dad’s Club.” No matter the name of the organization, Westridge PTSO’s main objective is to enhance our children’s learning environment via community building activities, curriculum support, and facility enhancements.  

    What does PTSO do?
    The PTSO manages a budget that funds and supports school programs specifically for Westridge students.  We also organize over 30 events at Westridge each year.  Examples of the line items that PTSO supports are:

    • Field trips: previous trips to the State capitol, Bonneville dam, Metro Gym, etc.
    • Authors and Artists in Residence: Guest speakers and teachers.
    • Red Ribbon Week activities: teaching our children to make positive choices
    • Art Literacy: Lake Oswego City Sculpture, Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Pissarro, Miro.
    • Science Fair: Children develop and present their projects.
    • Math/Art/Science Night: parents are invited to join their kids at school for hands-on STEAM activities.
    • Educational support materials: for the classrooms.
    • Library books: Purchasing new up-to-date books for our school. (Hard copy & electronic versions for a variety of Lexile levels)
    • Facility Improvements: Playground, computer carts, filtered water fountains.
    • Technology: iPads, Chromebooks/laptops, Smart Boards and Document Cameras in the classrooms.

    Doesn't the school district budget or the "Lake Oswego Schools Foundation" fund these same things?
    The short answer is no, neither the school district nor the Lake Oswego Schools Foundation fund the same programs that the PTSO funds.  The district funds many things district wide such as building maintenance and staffing.  The Lake Oswego Schools Foundation solely funds teacher salaries across the district.  The Westridge PTSO specifically funds programs and enrichment for the students of Westridge.

    I am a Westridge parent. How can I help the PTSO?
    There are 3 main ways that our parent community supports the PTSO.
    1)  Attend PTSO Meetings - During our meetings we provide important information on all upcoming events and it gives parents the opportunity to ask questions and hear directly from the principal and staff. We will send out meeting invitations and reminders to all parents prior to every monthly meeting.  

    2)  Volunteer - We support about 30 events a year and we could not run all of our events successfully without the help of our fantastic parent volunteers. We look forward to your support in order to continue the educational enrichment valued by the Westridge community. Any amount of time you have to volunteer is appreciated.  No experience is necessary.  If you have any special skills or interests, let us know!

    3)  Fundraising - The PTSO is solely supported by donations from parents and the community.  Please consider participating in our upcoming fundraisers during the school year and by making financial contributions to the PTSO. Every little bit helps and 100% of all the money raised goes back directly to Westridge.  Also, we are a non-profit, so your donations may be tax-deductible!

    How do I contact the Westridge PTSO?
    We welcome any comments or questions.  Email us anytime at