Programs & Activities

  • At Westridge PTSO, our mission is to create a thriving and supportive educational environment for every student. We're proud to say that the funds we raise play a crucial role in enriching our students' experience, supporting our dedicated teachers, and fostering a strong sense of community spirit.

    With your generous contributions, we can continue to fund an array of programs and activities that make Westridge a special place to learn and grow. Here's a glimpse of what your support helps us achieve:

    Back to School Events: Welcoming students and families with exciting back-to-school events that set a positive tone for the year ahead.

    Field Trips: Funding all field trips for every grade level, ensuring students have access to enriching educational experiences outside the classroom.

    National Walk & Roll to School Day: Encouraging healthy habits and environmental awareness through this fun and active event.

    OBOB (Oregon Battle of the Books): Supporting our young readers as they participate in this engaging literary competition. Read more >>

    Art Literacy: Nurturing creativity and appreciation for the arts by providing resources for art literacy programs. Read more >>

    Fun Run: Promoting fitness and school spirit through our annual Fun Run event.

    Yearbooks: Capturing precious memories and milestones for every student to cherish.

    STEM Night: Inspiring a love for science, technology, engineering, and math through interactive STEM activities.

    Carnival: Fostering community bonds with a lively, family-friendly carnival event.

    Newspaper: Empowering our 5th-grade students to express themselves and share their voices through our school newspaper.

    PE & Recess Equipment: Ensuring our students have access to a variety of equipment for physical education and recess.

    Classroom Celebrations: Creating memorable moments and celebrating achievements throughout the school year.

    Cultural Assemblies: Exposing students to diverse cultures and perspectives through enriching assemblies.

    Teacher Support: Providing resources and tools that empower our dedicated teachers in their classrooms.

    Grade-Level Curriculum Enrichment: Enhancing learning experiences with grade-specific curriculum enhancements.

    And so much more! We are deeply grateful for your continued support in creating a vibrant and enriching educational environment at Westridge.  If you have any questions regarding our PTSO funded programs and activities, please email us at