OBOB is here for 2020-2021!

  • OBOB is virtual this year!

    Oregon Battle of the Books (OBOB) is an exciting statewide tournament of reading that is organized at Forest Hills by the PTO. Many students across the district and the state participate in OBOB. Students in Grades 3-5 form teams of 3-5 members with help from their parents and occasionally from OBOB organizers at Forest Hills. Fourth and Fifth grade teams divide and read a book list of 16 books chosen by Oregon Battle of Books (run by the Oregon Association of School Libraries).

    At Forest Hills, our third grade OBOB teams divide and read eight of the 16 books, and the third grade teams only compete against each other. Third grade OBOB participants will likely need to read four of eight books from the third grade list. We narrow the third grade book list based on content matter, difficulty and book length. While some schools have third graders compete in the full 16-book competition, our goal at Forest Hills is to encourage third graders to participate in this fun and challenging program without being intimidated by the book list or the competition against older children. Our other primary goal is always to encourage the kids at Forest Hills to read great books that they might not have otherwise read!

    OBOB battles are quiz show-style competitions between two Forest Hills teams. Battles include 16 questions about the books included on the OBOB reading list and are scored based on student answers. While OBOB is a competition, our goal is always that OBOB participants have fun, act with good sportsmanship and enjoy reading great books.

    Signups for OBOB begin in December 2020. Please sign up by January 8th, 2021.  Competitions will take place virtually in late January and February 2021. Please contact Micha McNerney and Lorri Wilson at ForestHillsOBOB@gmail.com with any questions about Oregon Battle of the Books at Forest Hills.


    OBOB Signups - Please sign up by January 8th.

    Parents of 3rd, 4th and 5th graders:  Oregon Battle of the Books is a fun and engaging reading competition that is run by the Forest Hills PTO.  Please talk to your child about whether they wish to participate and encourage them to talk to friends and form a team of 3-5 Forest Hills classmates.  

    To sign up, visit the FH PTO website or click on this Sign-up link to register your team, find a book list and get more info on OBOB.    

    New to Oregon Battle of the Books (OBOB)?  OBOB is meant to be a fun and enjoyable way for kids to read more books and/or different books, and the competition part appeals to some kids more than others!  The ONLY required practice for OBOB is reading the books.  There are 16 books for 4th/5th grade teams and 8 books for 3rd graders to be divided and read by team members on each team.  Some kids may want to read all of the books and do a lot of practice questions (resources to come), and some kids just want to read some of the books.  Either approach is great!  


    There will be no regional or state competitions this year, but we still expect it to be lots of fun!   

    Please contact Micha McNerney and Lorri Wilson at ForestHillsOBOB@gmail.com  with any questions or concerns.



    • FH Library has extra copies of all OBOB books available now (and more coming soon!).  For now, please only request 1 book at time.
    • FH Library has digital versions of some OBOB books available through the SORA app of the Forest Hills library website.
    • Lake Oswego Public Library has a section dedicated to OBOB in the Children’s Library.  You can place book holds online for curbside pick-up.  
    • Lake Oswego Public Library has digital and audio versions of the books available on the library website as well.
    • All books are available for reasonable prices at Powells and other bookstores, but books should not need to be purchased by families unless that is your preference

    Link to Grades 4-5 OBOB Division Annotated Booklist

    Link to Grade 3 OBOB Division Annotated Booklist