Hallinan Renovation Update - July 24, 2020

  • July 12 through July 18

    • Construction crews are working six days a week
    • Interior demolition is complete
    • Subcontractors are finishing the last of the HVAC, plumbing and electrical demolition
    • Framing continues and electrical, plumbing and mechanical rough-in are being installed
    • Structural improvements continue at exterior walls, with structural work at the gym ceiling
    • Fluid-applied weather barrier installation is finished on the exterior walls
    • Concrete slab for the makerspace has been poured; makerspace walls and roof are framed and sheathed
    • Roof work is ongoing with tear-off and new installation at the gymnasium

    Makerspace framing: July 17

    Makerspace framing


    July 19 through 25

    • Rough-in work for the electrical, plumbing and mechanical systems continues
    • Footings for the steel bracing of the outdoor playground have been completed
    • Concrete work has begun on the planter and outdoor classroom
    • Structural seismic improvements continue with the installation of shear walls on the interior
    • Roof work continues at a rapid pace 
    • Fire suppression system rough-in work began the week of June 15 and is continuing
    • Masonry work is completed on the north and west exterior elevations; partially completed on the south exterior elevation 

    Makerspace Framing: July 24

    Makerspace framing progress

Hallinan Elementary Renovation (updated March 2020)

  • Bond Team for this project includes:

    Tony Vandenberg, Executive Director of Project Management
    Debbie Hansen, Project Coordinator
    Soderstrom Architects – Design Team

    The Hallinan Elementary Renovation Project will bring significant improvements to the forty-year-old facility, preparing it to continue serving the district for forty more years. Along with safety and security improvements, classroom technology improvements, and seismic and infrastructure improvements, key design elements include a new Innovation Lab (makerspace) and a redesigned library at the heart of the school.

    Safety & Security Improvements will include:

    • access control system
    • security camera system
    • upgrades to communication system

    New classroom technology will include:

    • large-screen video monitors and Apple TV
    • Lightspeed audio enhancement systems

    Seismic Improvements will bring the entire school up to Seismic Level 3 for safe egress and the gymnasium to Seismic Level 4 for immediate occupancy after a significant seismic event.

    Infrastructure Improvements:

    • new roof
    • new thermally efficient windows
    • updates to the HVAC
    • updates to control and electrical systems

    The Innovation Lab will be housed in an addition to the school.

    The library renovation will serve to re-energize the heart of the school.

    This project is continuing to keep pace on or ahead of our original schedule. With assurance from the Lake Oswego Building Department that we will receive our full permit for construction in March, we will be able to schedule some limited early work on the exterior of the building. This will provide us with a strong leg up on the summer construction schedule.

    After working closely with Soderstrom Architects to develop the detailed design for this renovation and seeing the quality of their plans and associated construction documents, we are taking advantage of Soderstrom's thoroughness by electing to change our project delivery method from CM/GC to Stipulated Sum. We released an Invitation to Bid (ITB) on January 31 for General Contractors. The project's ITB has attracted a number of strong GC firms; we received their bids on February 27.