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School Improvement Bond Projects

  • This summer is going to go by fast! We will be working in every building in the district. By the end of summer, each school will have received security upgrades and visitor management systems. We will be installing STEM makerspace equipment in all of the elementary schools and middle schools. Technology upgrades throughout the district are in progress and we are seeing dramatic improvements in internet speeds. We are confident in the work occurring this summer even with the constraints we face. Our major renovations at Westridge, Uplands, Oak Creek, River Grove, and Lake Oswego Junior High are in progress. Each has challenges and will be completed at the last minute. This summer we will begin to see Lakeridge Middle School coming out of the ground. We will also be improving the frontage on Jean Road. We appreciate the community's patience as we perform the work. We know that construction can cause noise and traffic issues and we continue to work to minimize these impacts.

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