Board-Appointed Committee Application Information

  • The Lake Oswego School Board of Directors invites students, teachers, staff members, parents/guardians and community residents to consider serving on its advisory committees. As part of its continuous efforts to increase communication with the public and to provide for citizen involvement, the Board appoints advisory committees to consider matters of district-wide importance. Committees meet monthly, from September through May. 

    Committee Charges 

    Culture of Belonging Committee Charter

    Equitable Academic Outcomes Committee Charter

    Promote Health & Resiliency Committee Charter

    Teach & Practice Sustainability Committee Charter

    Bond Accountability Committee

    Long Range Facility Planning



    The Lake Oswego Board of Directors appoints committee members selected from completed applications; emails and letters of interest will not be considered. By submitting an application, you acknowledge that you have read the specific committee charter for which you are applying and agree to the duties and responsibilities of a committee member. There is one application for all committees. Applicants may express interest in more than one committee. Applicants may serve on a board-appointed district and one school committee at the same time.

    The application deadline for all other committees has closed for terms beginning in the 2022-23 school year. If you missed the deadline and are still interested in being considered, please email Executive Assistant and Secretary to the Board Kelli Cranston