• Art Literacy at LOJ

    Parent Volunteers Needed - See the world from the classroom!


    What is Art Literacy at the junior high level?

    Art Literacy augments the Social Studies Curriculum and exposes the students to the art of the regions and cultures they are studying in World and American History.


    Why be an Art Literacy Volunteer?

    You will have the rare opportunity to be in your student’s classroom getting to know the students and how they learn. You’ll inspire and create a love of art. You’ll learn about art and have fun!


    Do I need art experience or to be good at art?

    No!! There will be training sessions and handouts for all of the units. The projects are simple and easy to explain.


    What is the time commitment?

    As little as two hours per unit. A training meeting takes place prior to each unit. A unit lasts a week and you may sign up for your student’s class or as many classes as you would like to help with during the week. If you would like to get involved behind the scenes organizing volunteer, preparing lesson, or as a trainer we welcome greater involvement as well.


    6th Grade Units: Egypt, Pre-Columbian, & Greece

    7th Grade Units: China, Middle Ages, & Renaissance

    8th Grade Units: Westward Expansion & Civil War


    Join us. You’ll be glad you did!


    For more information contact one of your friendly coordinators at LOJArtLit@gmail.com



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