Inter-District Transfers

  • Families residing outside Lake Oswego School District boundaries who wish to enroll a student in LOSD without paying tuition must first contact their resident school district to seek approval for an inter-district transfer.  There is no LOSD form required by Lake Oswego School District - only the approved inter-district transfer form from the resident district.

     2022-23 School Year

    New inter-district transfer students will be accepted on a space availability basis. Students who are currently enrolled as inter-district transfer students are eligible for continuation with their home district's approval*. 

    Middle/High School requests are reviewed upon receipt. Please allow 7-10 business days for processing.

    Elementary requests will not be reviewed until July 2022.

    Upon approval or denial, a copy of the request will be forwarded to each school/district concerned and the parents. 

    *If you are currently attending LOSD as an out-of-district transfer student, please check your transfer paperwork for transfer duration. Typically, districts release through graduation and don't require re-application or verification each year.


  • Appropriate course or program space must be available. 

    The student is in good standing in the resident school district. 

    LOSD will refuse admission of a student expelled from another district until at least the end of the semester in which the student was expelled or longer if expulsion is under conditions addressed in the Gun Free School Act. 

    A transfer may be terminated if any educational, behavioral, or attendance issues are not consistent with LOSD Board Policies and Guidelines.