Providing Testimony

  • The Lake Oswego School Board encourages your attendance at its meetings and welcomes your participation in the proceedings:

    • Time is provided at the beginning and end of each regular session for visitor comments pertaining to issues not on the agenda.

    • Comments concerning specific agenda items will be heard as those items are being discussed.

    Procedures for public participation:

    A meeting of the Board is a meeting of a public Board conducting business in public. In order to ensure that persons wishing to appear before the Board may be heard, yet allow the Board to conduct its meetings properly and efficiently, the Board will follow the procedures and rules listed below pertaining to public participation at Board meetings: 

    1. At the discretion of the Board chair, when meetings are large or controversial, anyone wishing to speak before the Board, either as an individual or as a member of a group, on any agenda item or other topic, may do so by providing the Board secretary with a complete comment card (available at the agenda table).  This will help the chair provide adequate time for each agenda item. Cards may be brought forward at any time during the meeting until the item is discussed.
    2. A group of visitors with a common purpose should designate a spokesperson to speak for the group.
    3. Discussion or presentation concerning a published agenda item is limited to its designated place on the agenda, unless otherwise authorized by the chair.
    4. A visitor may introduce a topic not on the published agenda. However, the Board, at its discretion, may require that a proposal, inquiry or request be submitted, in writing, and reserves the right to refer the matter to the administration for action or for study and a report at a subsequent meeting.
    5. Statements by members of the public should be brief and concise. The chair may, at his/her discretion, establish a time limit on discussion or oral presentation by a visitor on any topic.
    6. Speakers may offer objective criticism of school operations and programs but the Board will not hear complaints concerning specific school personnel or other authorized individuals. The chair will direct the visitor to the appropriate means for consideration and disposition of complaints involving such individuals.